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DoJ Rules: While Gay Marriage Licenses Can’t Cross State Lines, Protection Orders Do

The Violence Against Women Act, passed in 1994? No longer only applies to women! Or heterosexuals! The Justice Department concluded in a newly published opinion that stalking, harassment, and domestic violence involving same-sex relationships can be prosecuted under the law that’s generally been reserved for female victims targeted by male assailants, even though the law uses the word “spouse” in its verbiage, and we all know what the federal government thinks of such things under DOMA.

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  • whatever

    So queerty, expanding the scope of VAWA is a bad thing? How callous can you be?

  • Kevin_BGFH

    As it should be. The Violence Against Women Act *should* apply to same sex couples, male or female. As should it apply to domestic violence committed by women against men, which is rarer but absolutely happens.

  • S

    The only thing that shocked me about this was that it hadn’t happened already, but then again, I do live in America…

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    Completely unrelated, but: Who’s the guy facing us in the pic. with the awesome pecs.?

  • CertainPOV

    @Wade MacMorrighan: Channing Tatum, from the movie “Fighting”

  • Lamar

    The VAWA should apply to everyone: black, white, male and female, straight and gay and when you think about it women do assault men more just not as severely such as when they catch their man looking at their best friends ass and slaps him across his face.

  • Ryan

    @whatever: Sometimes I think I’m the only one who actually understands Queerty’s sarcasm. They aren’t attacking the law, they’re being funny about it.

  • whatever

    @Ryan: domestic violence har har har

  • jimmy

    who are the 2 hotties in the pic

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    @Jimmy: They are lovers on the downlow. LOL LOL

  • Raheem

    The random and unremarkable palefaces at Queerty must be angry.
    We a;ll know that if Channing Tatum were to slurp, it would be with a brotha like Mehcad. He wouldn’t even look twice at a “Hi May I Help You” peroxide twink or middle aged prisspot.

  • Jesse Helms

    These 2 make a great interracial gay couple. You don’t see too many gay interracial couples unless it’s white gay Hispanic males and white gay males. White gay men can assimalate in white society as all white Hispanics can. Do you guys remember Desi Arnez on I Love Lucy? He was white and Cuban. During those times in the 40’s, a white Latino man could marry a white woman. This would be unheard of with a black marrying a white.

  • alan brickman

    That is Mr Channing Tatum…..why is queerty insinuating he would be violent towards gays??….jealous???

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