DoJ Tattles On Judge Virginia Phillips, Asks 9th Circuit For Emergency DADT Stay

In an expected move, the DoJ has requested the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issue an emergency stay to block Judge Virginia Phillips’ DADT ruling from staying alive. The move comes after Phillips opting not to her own ruling.

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  • Cam

    I’m sorry there is no excusing this. If they allow gays to start enlisting, then it is easier for the Congress to push through a vote. They would already have examples of openly gay soldiers serving. This fact would make it more difficult for people like Susan Collins to back out of voting for repeal because she couldn’t claim that the military might have repercussions.

    The ONLY reason to prevent her ruling from being inacted is because the White House is anti-gay, or they made a deal with anti-gay republicans to fight this in return for something else.

  • rf

    Well I figured this would happen. thats why anyone gay who wants in the military should get over there now. surprised they didnt file this yesterday.

  • EnDADTnow

    Robin McGreedy is about to launch another assault on Obama. She has him running scared with those brilliant protests. I doubted them until I heard they used weather balloons. Wow. That’s pulling out all the stops for equal rights.

    Most politicians are now very afraid of the LGBT community. Well, maybe after they stop laughing.

    We should all be thanking GetEQuality for the new Republican Congress. Well done desperadoes.

  • papparon

    The DoJ is directly under the control of Obama.

    The fact that they are RUSHING to request an EMERGENCY stay rather than allowing things to run their due course is a very telling indication that Obama, himself does NOT want to end DADT – sorry to have to say that, but it is becoming clearer by the day.

  • Billy

    @papparon: Right you are. Also its not GetEqual’s fault the country will move back to Republican majority, its the Democrats not living up to their promises on many issues including the war, the economy, and equal rights. They sold us a “change” but in reality they just wanted to seize power. Corporate interests trump individual freedom again. Sorry Ben Franklin your country is lost…

  • rf

    Well, Obama actually benefits if the republicans take over congress or even just one house. he gets an enemy of equal stature to beat up on in 2012 and he becomes more electable. especially if some of the real crazies get in. so maybe he doesn’t really care one way or the other if he pisses off the base and glbt voters.

  • jason

    Obama is trying to contribute to an environment in which it’s impossible to repeal DADT. Once that environment takes form – after the Congressional elections and the negative Pentagon “survey” – he’ll then blame Congress and the survey for the failure of repeal.

    We should have woken up to this Islamic-sympathizing bigot from Africa ages ago. I warned you back then.

  • Brutus

    “The ONLY reason to prevent her ruling from being inacted [sic] is because the White House is anti-gay, or they made a deal with anti-gay republicans to fight this in return for something else.”

    Or because if judges start striking things down on rational basis it’s going to throw a lot of uncertainty into the legislative process. Or because certain elements of the military-industrial complex are putting huge pressure on the administration. Or something else. Notice that there’s no injunction or anything in the DOMA case.

  • Brutus

    Excuse me, I was in error. There is an injunction as part of the DOMA case. The government has not, as far as I’m able to find, moved for a stay of that injunction.

    This is military. This is different.

  • Devon

    I miss the days when this kind of thing coming from the Obama administration would have shocked me.

    Way, way all the way back in 2008.

    Such innocent, naive times they were.

  • Kevin Kelly

    getEQUAL doesn’t have anything to do with anything. They are broke – thank God!

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