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DoJ’s Rationalization For Air Force Firing Maj. Margaret Witt: She Slept With a Married Person

Former Maj. Margaret Witt, who’s suing the Air Force after being discharged in 2007 when the husband of a woman she was dating tattled on her, yesterday took the stand in her own trial. And while the Department Of Justice has shown itself to be pretty lazy in defending the laws even President Obama believes are discriminatory, on cross-examination they really sought to impress!

While DoJ tried showing the court that Witt disclosed her sexuality to comrades in her unit, thus forcing them to choose between loyalty to her or their country [Ed: HAHAHA! Isn’t this the very argument — that DADT forces both gays and straights to lie — to support its repeal?], the AP notes they also pointed out that Witt is a big fat homewrecker!

In pointed cross-examination, Justice Department lawyer Peter Phipps noted Monday that Witt had engaged in an adulterous relationship with a married civilian woman in 2003. The woman [Laurie McChesney, pictured on right], now divorced, is still Witt’s partner, but the Air Force argues that Witt’s disregard for policy in committing adultery set a bad example for others in the unit and justifies her dismissal.

“You agree that adultery is not consistent with high standards of integrity, correct?” Phipps asked.

“Yes,” Witt responded.

Ah yes, I forgot about the new U.S. military policy: Kick out all adulterers.

Because they lack the integrity the armed forces requires. It ruins unit cohesion! Recruitment! Military readiness! And marriages!