Dolce & Gabanna Boycott Will End Culture And Science And Cause Black Magic, Glenn Beck Says

Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 11.39.31 AMGlenn Beck is totally pissed, you guys. He cannot believe the gall of Sir Elton John, who recently called for a boycott of Dolce & Gabbana after the fashion queens voiced their opposition to same-sex couples having children and IVF babies.

“We are on the path of putting Galileo back in the tower!” he warned audiences of his TV show yesterday, before launching into yet another one of his tirades about liberals who are on a not-so-secret mission to destroy anyone who challenges their beliefs. Like, for instance, Dolce & Gabbana.

“Is this the kind of freedom that we’re at?” Beck asked. “The party of progress is making progress indeed. Back to the Dark Ages! Back to the days when differing scientific views were labeled heresy and black magic!”

To be clear: No one is saying Dolce & Gabbana isn’t free to express their views. Or accusing them of practicing black magic, for the matter. But sometimes words have consequences.

“As the march toward conformity continues,” Beck continued, “America gets farther and farther away from the place where those who will change the world with art and science and music, those who will bring on the next Renaissance just might find themselves locked up in a tower and sadly never paint the next Mona Lisa.”

Hmmm. Last we checked, Dolce & Gabbana were Italian fashion designers and Sir Elton John was English. If America is being led “farther and farther away” from non-conformity, we’re going to go out on a limb and say it has very little to do with these guys.

Watch Glenn Beck’s tirade below. Or don’t.

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