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Dolly Speaks Out On NC’s Anti-LGBT Legislation: “I Can Address That From The Stage”

b2364146-790d-4cc6-9e1b-568506f523baDolly Parton announced today that she’s kicking off the first leg of her highly anticipated summer tour in Greensboro, NC. The state’s controversial anti-LGBT House Bill 2, which prevents transgender people from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity and strikes down local LGBT non-discrimination ordinances throughout the state, has effectively politicized the summer concert season. Acts like Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen have canceled shows in North Carolina, while Cyndi Lauper announced that she would donate all profits from her June 4 concert in Raleigh to Equality North Carolina in an effort to help repeal the bill.

“Oh, I’ve been seein’ all that commotion,” Parton said today on a conference call promoting the tour and her upcoming double album, Pure & Simple. “A lot of people are canceling shows and all that. I have no plans to cancel the show. I think I serve better from the stage. I think everybody should be treated great and with respect and everybody knows that about me. I can address that from the stage.”

When pressed for her reaction to the current wave of anti-LGBT legislation in states like North Carolina and Mississippi, Parton repeated her intention to play all the shows on her 2016 tour. “Through the years everybody has known that I have an open, generous heart and I believe that all people should be treated with respect,” she reiterated. “I really don’t like to get caught up into controversial issues, and I certainly don’t think it’s fair to the public. I can address whatever my thoughts are, if need be, from the stage.”

Parton’s Pure & Simple Tour is the country legend’s first in over two decades and she promises to play hits like “Jolene,” “Islands in the Stream,” and “9 to 5” alongside gospel tunes and a selection of new songs at the “scaled down” shows. Coming off her much buzzed about CMA performance with Katy Perry last month, Parton said there are no plans at the moment to feature special guests like Perry or Taylor Swift on the tour. But, she said, “If they should show up I bet you I wouldn’t refuse ‘em!”

Parton’s Pure & Simple Tour kicks off June 3 in Greensboro, NC. The two-disc album Pure & Simple with Dolly’s Biggest Hits is due sometime this summer.

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  • Sweetie Pie

    And while at that she can donate the proceeds from her concert to a gay charity…Go Dolly !!

  • Brian

    Well, I’ve never considered Dolly Parton as being particularly gay-friendly. Her statements on gay rights have – to my knowledge – always been bland and slightly ambiguous.

    She deserves to be admired for her music but that does not mean she is deserving of icon status at all. Any gay guy who considers her a “gay icon” needs to stop deluding himself. Women with big bosoms may satisfy some suppressed gay male craze to suck on them but it does not mean she is deserving of icon status.

    Is Dolly a nice person? Yep. Has she made some great songs? Yep. Is Dollywood a lot of fun? Yep. But that does NOT mean she is very gay-friendly or deserving of icon status.

  • throwslikeagirl

    I’ll reserve judgement until I hear how she’s addressed the issue from the stage. Besides simply what I believe, I have first hand knowledge that Ms. Parton’s very gay-friendly, and has been at least most of her adult life. Still, I hope she really goes out of her way to address the issue during her concerts, and doesn’t simply go the ” everyone deserves love and respect” route.

  • AtticusBennett

    not only is Dolly a total ally, she even wrote a song dedicated to the Transgender community, and was nominated for an Oscar for it.

    here’s how to know if someone is an LGBT Ally – does Closeted “Brian” have a problem with them? Yes? if so, they’re an LGBT ally. Brian is a closeted coward whose only family hasn’t done a single good thing for the LGBT community, so he wastes his years denigrating those who actually have.


    AWESOME, Dolly! She’ll speak out, she’ll move people, and all will be well.

  • Brian

    Dolly Parton is not homophobic, I’ll grant you that. I’m simply saying that she is not particularly homosexual-friendly. There’s a distinction.

    Show me one statement of hers that is particularly homosexual-friendly. I dare you. Yes, she has made some statements that might be considered charitable towards male homosexual rights but they are not particularly forceful or enthusiastic. As I said before, she’s bland and slightly ambiguous on homosexual rights.

    The mere fact that Dolly has not withdrawn her show from North Carolina suggests that she is probably ambivalent at best about some aspects of the North Carolina legislation.

    Maybe she doesn’t want men entering women’s restrooms while dressed as women. It’s her right to believe in that if that is what she indeed believes in. But please don’t come here claiming that she is this icon of homosexual rights.

  • AtticusBennett

    here’s an even more fun game! Show us, “Brian”, a single good thing your family has ever done for the LGBT community.

    haha! you can’t. because they’ve not done a thing. that’s why you’re such a cowardly unloved troll :D

    She’s doing what Cyndi is doing – supporting her audience, many of whom are LGBT. And she’ll speak out. And she’ll have more positive impact on LGBT people than your crap family ever has.

    here’s one statement: : “I think gay couples should be allowed to marry. They should suffer just like us heterosexuals. Ha ha ha!”

    that’s one.


    and like i said, she wrote the oscar nominated theme song from the film TransAmerica. about a transwoman. and has dedicated the song to the trans communities.

    now, can you show us anything you or anyone in your family has EVER Done that benefitted LGBT people? no. because you’ve done nothing, and your family does’t give a damn about you.

    that’s why you troll here. pathetic.

  • Josh447


    Don’t defame an avid supporter of gay rights, which Dolly is.

    Did you even read the link in my post?

    Do your research before posting here or don’t post at all, particularly when trying to defame a legend. You’ll lose every time.

  • AtticusBennett

    @Josh447: losing every time? that’s the story of Brian’s life.

    know why he always insists that people who are pro-LGBT aren’t? because there isn’t a soul in Brian’s life that does anything good for LGBT people. he’s bitter, miserable, and unwanted. textbook troll.

  • Brian

    Transgenderism is not the same thing as male homosexuality. They are worlds apart in definition.

    Dolly Parton’s statements have been bland and ambiguous and humorous. But please don’t mistake them for being particularly homosexual-friendly. If you don’t wish to agree with me, fine. It’s your prerogative to live in a world of make-believe.

    I’ll challenge the statements of anyone and anybody, including Dolly Parton.

  • Brian

    By the way, I find it hilarious that the most macho men in music such as Bruce Springsteen have taken concrete stands against North Carolina’s new law. Yet, the feminine “gay icons” – such as Cyndi Lauper and Dolly Parton – are not withdrawing their shows like Bruce has.

    LOL. Kind of exposes the fakery of the whole “she’s a gay icon” nonsense that the gay media and gay-identifying men like to foist on us.

    There is no sweeter sound to me than the groan of disappointment emanating from a gay-identifying male on realizing that his world of make-believe is just that- make-believe.

    Sucks to be deluded, doesn’t it?

  • Lazycrockett

    Well Bruce has always been involved in politics and loads of his music are bout social injustice and economic equality. He has always been politically active. Dolly on the other hand has really never made any sort of political statement in her music or in public. That is not her style, never has been. She has however stated numerous times that she is against any form of hate or bigotry. People work on different levels and I’m sure that Dolly will address this issue on stage while performing.

  • seki

    I would say Dolly is more everyone-friendly than gay-friendly.

  • Josh447


    Truly, The guy has a screw loose.

  • Kevan1

    Being a Nashville native it is a well known fact Dolly loves the gay community. I have had many friends who have worked with her who are gay and she loves gay and lesbian people. She has even said if she were a man she would be a drag queen I am sure she will address her fans in North Carolina in support of equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Dolly has not a mean or judgmental bone in her body unless it comes to people harming or hating animals, children and one another.

  • surreal33

    Sorry, Dolly smells like bullshit!!!!!!!!

  • jorgecruz

    Sorry Dolly but if you don’t realize that money is the only thing that is having an impact on NC, then you don’t understand who we are fighting. Take your concert across the state line and they get the message.

  • BigWill

    I have always liked Dolly Parton, but her statements here remind me of Robin Roberts’ (about Mississippi’s anti-LGBT law), mealy-mouthed and saying nothing. Both could really use their platforms to say something important and perhaps change minds but didn’t.

  • lykeitiz

    She says she can address the issues from the stage……”if need be”……..while still cashing the paycheck.

    Bruce Springsteen & Pearl Jam have hit it head on, and so has Cyndi Lauper by donating all profits. But Dolly? So far NOTHING.

    And I’m sorry, but telling a few jokes from the stage does NOT equate siding with us on this issue.

    @Brian: You’re spot-on with this issue. Ignore the pea-brains.

  • DCguy


    Brian, The fact that you insist on using the words to describe LGBTs that anti-gay groups and churches use kind of gives away the game.

    As for Parton, look some people are super allies, (Cyndi Lauper), other people are “allies” (Parton, Madonna).

    They will absolutely support lgbts but a lot of times won’t inconvenience their work-life to do so. I get it, I wasn’t expecting Parton to cancel, and she has been supportive for quite a while!

    And what I LOVE about Brian is that he hates women so much, he will even hide facts or outright lie just so he can attack woman.

    Brian, you said………. “By the way, I find it hilarious that the most macho men in music such as Bruce Springsteen have taken concrete stands against North Carolina’s new law. Yet, the feminine “gay icons” – such as Cyndi Lauper and Dolly Parton – are not withdrawing their shows like Bruce has.”

    It’s interesting that you know Lauper didn’t cancel her show, but you conveniently left out the fact that she is donating all of the proceeds from the show to a North Carolina LGBT rights group. That is weird since EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE about her not cancelling mentions that fact.

    What that shows is that you would rather lie and hide facts so you can continue posting your “All women are evil” rants, than dare to mention a truth that contradicts that.

    Ooops, sorry for posting a fact and wrecking that for you.

  • youarekiddingme

    @lykeitiz: If you’re going to quote a lady…how about quoting directly from the source huh?

    “I’ve been seein’ all that commotion,” Parton said today on a conference call promoting the tour and her upcoming double album, Pure & Simple. “A lot of people are canceling shows and all that. I have no plans to cancel the show. I think I serve better from the stage. I think everybody should be treated great and with respect and everybody knows that about me. I can address that from the stage.”

    Later on in the article she also addresses the fact that everyone knows the fact that she has an open and generous heart and that all people should be treated with respect…She also goes on to say that she doesn’t like to get caught up in controversial issues and doesn’t think it’s fair to the public (probably cancelling the show isn’t fair to those who paid to see it). She further goes on to state that she can address her thoughts, “if need be”, from the stage. Well, you twit, if you read the paragraph above, she already stated that she would be addressing THAT from the stage! Look at her record of support, oh and wait and see what happens at the concert…then judge huh? We still live in America. I think? Innocent till proven Guilty…

    Btw, that BOOB Brian that you’re agreeing with, is the most sexist, masogonistic individual on this site. That’s a fact. Read his prior posts about how he blames women for EVERYTHING dealing with men. Brian won’t even use the word “gay”. He uses the phrase “gay-identifying”. Except today @Brian: you screwed up in your first post and used the word “gay” several times instead of the word “homosexual”. You better wash your hands out with bleach you naughty little boy!

  • AtticusBennett

    “Brian” is a closeted coward whose own family have never done anything for the lGBT community. That’s why he anonymously trolls every day with his idiocy. pity him.

  • Tait47

    Doesn’t really matter on who cancels a show in NC. What matters are those who cancel that would have spent money in a discriminatory state. If a brand religion justifies the discrimination against others then you need a better religion.

  • SonOfKings

    I dearly love Dolly, I respect her record of support for LGBT issues, but I don’t understand why she needs to be onstage to address this issue???? Either you have a point of view and can express it courageously or not. Come on girl, spit it out. You don’t need a band and musicians to accompany your thoughts on this. I do understand the reluctance to get caught up in controversial issues, especially when your job is to entertain. It’s a fine line to walk and she’s never been branded as an activity, unlike others. I suspect she really wants to swim in her lane (which is relatively tranquil), but she may not always have that luxury.

  • SonOfKings

    …she’s never been branded as an activist…

  • seaguy

    Dolly is an ally of the gay community and she is right she can do more from the stage to educate and enlighten North Carolinians who ultimately are the ones who have the power to change that state law.

  • seaguy

    @Brian: You obviously don’t know Dolly!

  • GayEGO

    What does Dolly think about marriage equality? I have not seen anything about this topic.

  • GayEGO

    @SonOfKings: Dolly does not want to lose any money!

  • Creamsicle

    Regardless of whether or not she chooses to do shows in NC Dolly Parton is undeniably a fantastic human being. She has always expressed love for her gay fans, supported lgbt rights, and her Imagination Library foundation will send a book a month to any child in America who signs up for it until they are 5 or 6 years old, so that no child is deprived of the gift of literacy, learning, and imagination.

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