Did Age Destroy The Master Attractive?

Dolph Lundgren: Sexy or Scraggy?

1987 proved to be an explosive year. The Unabomber exploded at least two bombs, The Simpsons exploded onto The Tracy Ullman Show, Typhoon Nina exploded into the Phillipines, taking over a thousand lives. More importantly, Dolph Lundgren exploded onto the big screen as He-Man. This development, of course, led to many an exploding trouser.

Yes, Lundgren’s long been a part of our masturbatory repetoire. From his turn as Rocky’s nemesis, Captain Ivan Drago in Rocky IV to Showdown in Little Tokyo‘s Capt. Chris Kenner, Lundgren’s bulging bod, disturbingly Aryan features and – we suppose – “acting” always got us going.

These days? Well, Lundgren – seen on August 12th, in Los Angeles – ain’t looking like a master of the universe, but we can’t help but still feel a twinge. Maybe it’s simply nostalgia or maybe, just maybe, age eroded Lundgren into something equally, perhaps a bit violently, alluring. We can’t tell.

So, readers – Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren: sexy or scraggy?

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  • afrolito

    I’d still hit it for nostalgia if nothing else.

  • kevin1217

    I for sure would tap that.

  • Gregg

    Other than the fact that it’s a crappy pic, he still looks hot!

  • adamblast

    I had a hardon for him back when he was only Grace Jone’s bodyguard and peg-boy! *Of course* I’d still do him. He’s aged alot better than I have.

  • nycstudman

    If that’s the nastiest picture youcan dig up, definitely still sexy — maybe sexier – better hair.

  • allstarecho

    Yuck.. then AND now!

  • WWH

    Still hot.

  • Jack Jett

    A three way with him, Lou Dobbs and a large bottle of Rush…….and I’m there.

    jack jett

  • Paul Raposo

    Still WAY hot and will be till the day he dies. Hotter still? His Playgirl pics from the early eighties under an alias which I’ve never been able to find low these many years.

  • IDNY

    Is it odd that as a 25 yr old I am more attractive to him ‘now’ rather then his earlier image?!HA

  • nycstudman

    blitzkrieg hot

  • ben

    He’s still good looking, but his “now” picture could be better if had just worn more sunscreen.

  • blondie67

    He must be pushing 50 years old, not bad

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