DOMA Signer Bill Clinton Gives ‘Yeah’ on Gay Marriage


The president who ushered in the Defense of Marriage Act, when asked at the Campus Progress National Conference in D.C. whether he supports gay marriage, responds: “Yeah … I personally support people doing what they want to do. I think it’s wrong for someone to stop someone else from doing that [same-sex marriage].” Only in May did Clinton say his views on gay marriage were “evolving.”

This is great news … for anyone with a time machine.

Mr. Clinton’s signature in 1996 prohibited untold tens of thousands of gay Americans from receiving federal health or tax benefits (even though their own states recognized their marriages), helped create the nightmare of trying to get Congress to repeal DOMA, and severely limited President Obama’s measly federal benefits memorandum.

But thanks for giving us a jock nod, Clinton. It’s great to hear you’re on board with equality. But please never try to script your own history claiming you were a civil rights advocate. Because you weren’t.

RELATED: Clinton is on the record as opposing Prop 8. In February, Clinton crossed a picket line to enter San Diego’s Manchester Grand Hyatt to give a six-figure speech; the hotel’s owner Doug Manchester had donated $125,000 to fund Prop 8.

(Photo: CampusProgress.org)