Don Imus: I’ve Got Cancer


At least there’s one good thing to come out of racist talking head Don Imus getting another radio show: He had a platform to make an announcement … that he has cancer. What type of cancer, you ask? The type that’s totally fitting for assholes like Imus: prostate cancer. This blog isn’t the place to wish physical harm nor death upon anyone, but sometimes the universe can be a wondrous, merciful place. [Jossip]

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  • James

    Wow. Queerty this is just wrong. I can’t stand Imus but this post is over the line.

  • Jon B

    @James: Agreed. Not very cool. Also, sure, Imus has said some screwed up things on air, and he holds some beliefs that I strongly disagree with, but he’s certainly done enough for children suffering through cancer that the “wonderous” world could have found a more “merciful” way to kill him off. Sorry, but in my opinion, helping hundreds of children with cancer trumps using the phrase “nappy headed hoes” on radio.

  • Beto

    Agreed with James. Queerty, you crossed a very delicate line here. Sure, I do not support Imus pointviews, but deserving a human being bad things no matter what kind of human he/she is, well, is kind of evil, doncha think? I believe in karma btw.

  • Tony

    Seriously. Delete this one before more people read it. It’s embarrassing.

  • Matt

    I have had cancer. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. This post is way over the line.

  • Matthew

    Screw you, person who wrote this post. Really.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gay-loving commie librul

  • Jheryn

    I cannot stand most of the man’s views or his show, but it is just beyond wrong that you would write something like that. You think the universe can be a wondrous, merciful place? Well, what do you think it will do to a person who believes it is wondrous and merciful for someone to be inflicted with a horrible affliction? I would be ashamed for posting what you did.

  • Adam

    It’s statements like this that set back the gay rights movement.

    If we want to be treated like human beings, we must do the same.

    Delete this before it sets us back another couple years.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Ignore the naysayers, David. May Imus slowly rot from the inside out and die a horrible and painful death.

  • countervail

    I agree with the rest of the comments. We can disagree with individuals on policy positions and their activism but it’s sad indeed when we wish on others physical harm. We’re no better than gay bashers otherwise.

    We should extend our sympathies for his physical health as well as his mental health, that he both get well in body and enlightened in mind.

  • Jack

    This post is horrifically offensive. So much for taking the higher moral ground.

  • studly

    reckless so-called journalism, i.e., blogging. Life teaches us one thing: humility. Thanking the Universe for someone getting cancer is not only vicious it doesn’t speak well of this site or its contents. You may want to apologize.

  • Casper O

    concept of kharma anyone? both to queerty and Imus

  • David Hauslaib

    Nowhere does this item say Imus deserves cancer. But if he must have cancer, it’s one of life’s ironies that it’s prostate cancer, given Imus’ history of homophobia and gay baiting. I feel bad for the guy because he’s a human being and deserves sympathy, but if you spend your life hating your fellow man, it’s bound to make you sick.

  • Jack

    @David Hauslaib: ‘But if he must have cancer, it’s one of life’s ironies that it’s prostate cancer…’

    Because nothing represents the gay community better than anal sex?

  • Seriously

    For all you “karma queens”out there, what do you think this is?!! Or did you think that someone who’s made their career based on making racist, homophobic comments was going to die blissfully in their sleep?….Karma is action based, not thought based, so it’s what you do that comes back to haunt you. Imus is a disgusting, hateful racist who felt entitled to do or say whatever he wanted because he had money and position, like so many people in this world. So now that his chickens have come home to roost, it’s all “poor Don”. Sorry, I’m not saying he deserved it, but apparently karma/the universe or whatever you call it, believes he did.

  • lulu

    All of you people rejoicing because Imus has cancer are disgusting. YOU are a cancer on the human race. This man is not a racist or homophobe; he’s done way more good than any of you will ever do.

  • Andrew Triska

    This post is in terrible taste. We criticize people who wish a painful death on us – why should we be hypocrites like this?

  • Matthew

    “one good thing… he had a platform to make an announcement … that he has cancer”

    That couldn’t be clearer: you describe it as a good thing that he announced he has cancer. Stop pretending you’re not happy about it, and confront the reality that there’s just as much stupid hatred in the above statement as anything Imus has said.

    And then apologize for this post.

  • Alan


    For living in a time of hate towards basically everything gay, its sad to know that with articles like this, the gay haters have some sort of fact to their claims of us spreading filth through the community. Its these comments that make everything gay taste sour in the mouths of those who oppose our way of living. There is NO need to share these thoughts with anyone in a public forum, unless of course it is to show how shallow one can be. No matter how bad the person is morally, this sinks even lower. Regardless of ones actions or opinions, wishing someone any disease or personal harm as a form of karmic retribution is just plain evil and has no place anywhere…especially in our community.

    This is about enough to make me (and i’m sure others) want to stop visiting this site.

  • mr scruff

    I have prostate cancer. I would hate to think anyone wished this one me because they disagree with my opinions.

  • Beto

    PLEASE Queerty, delete this post, is hideous, as I already said, the guy is homophobic, misogynist and racist, but I ever never want to wish even my most bitter enemies that suffer from cancer. My aunt died just three months ago from cancer, in Christmas night, no less, and believe me, is not a pretty death, she suffered so much. Bad bad Queerty! You are putting weapons in the hands and mouths of the rest of the homophobes around the world.

  • Jamie

    Wow, I hate Imus too, but being glad that he has cancer? That’s pretty fucked up.

  • Steve D.

    So, should I wish brain cancer on you since your stubborn head is so far up your ass?
    How many replies telling you how and why this posting is offensive would it take for you to say “Maybe I stepped over the line.”?
    Your career as content editor for queerty has reached a new low.

  • Jim

    Imus has cancer, people get cancer. One less idiot in the world. Who gives a rats ass?

  • yoga girl

    …i feel so sorry for you – that you can be filled with so much hate and indifference that you could place a post like this….as a surgeon who has seen so many beautiful and innocent souls (like we ALL are – even you!) and their families and friends suffer the ravages of cancer, i pray that noone ever has to suffer this kind of fate…i imagine you are just ignorant and not truly cruel…please take some time to look inside your own soul – i’m quite sure you will have a change of heart….i will pray for you tonight…and for Imus and his family!

  • J

    @David Hauslaib:
    What about all of us that are sick and haven’t hated our fellow man.
    I think Queerty needs to step down and delete this before I stop reading for good.

  • IAWrangler

    Mr. Hauslaib, you and Mr. Imus say disgusting things. I’m removing Queerty as my default home page.

  • tony

    balance has been restored to the universe

  • Olive Yurdich

    Hmmm… which do I believe in more strongly, an eye for an eye, or turn the other cheek? One thing for certain, hate begets hate.

  • walt zipprian

    Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!

    My goodness! I dew believe sumbody’s getting the vapahs!

    Oh my lawsie sumbodie done said sumthin bayad about that poh Imus boy.

    Screw off ya big nancies. He deserves worse. I wish he had tongue cancer too. And dick cancer. And even cowboy hat cancer.

  • Tony B.

    I’m outta here. Got Towleroad and 365gay anyway.

  • rayrayj

    As a prostate cancer patient, I’m beyond offended. Yet I am also amused my your anatomical ignorance. The appropriate cancer for an asshole would be Colon Cancer. The prostate is the gland that produces the fluid in your ejaculate.

    I agree Don Imus is a hateful, hateful, person. However the very idea that anyone would get cancer because they somehow deserved it is based on the idea that the world is fair. If that is true, the we don’t have equal rights, protections against hate crimes, or marriage rights because we don’t deserve them.

    I wonder what I did to deserve the shit I’ve had to live through since my prostatectomy. Hopefully it was bitch-slapping a bitter, bitchy queen like yourself.

  • Tyler

    I’m appalled too. “Merciful?” You can’t disclaim away something as tactless as that.

  • Rich

    Don Imus would be the first one filling the gas chamber to rid America of what he considers undesirables. Sure he has done a few good things along the way – but he has also used his talk show to spew the most hate-filled garbage too. And his words have consequences… I was hoping after MSNBC knocked him out he would just go away – but he came back like a frankenstein monster….. I really don’t care one way or the other about his health – and it always amazes me when strangers (esp. those posting here) develop dimestore sympathy.

  • Jack

    @Rich: Not sympathy for Imus. Disgust at Queerty’s bad taste and poor judgement.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Bad post. Very bad.

    I wouldn’t delete it though. Locking it down might be a good idea, but as for deleting it, you can’t just edit it away.
    Like it or not, the horse is out of the barn, and I think it is much more useful as a reminder of why one should not post hateful stuff like this in the first place. It has certainly generated some thoughtful comments to that effect.

    Here’s a good article on the perils of rewriting web history:

    But I don’t want to get into a discussion, or spend any more time on this vile thread than I have to.

  • cruiser

    The man may be a bigoted, narrow minded, hate spewing, piss poor excuse for a human being, but that is NO reason to wish him ill. Cancer of any form is a devasting revelation for the “victim”(god I hate that word sometimes). I have sympathy for the guy because he is a fellow human being, but aside from that…especially after his reamrks regarding that womens basketball team where he mad some rather “crude” remarks. The guy may deserve a lot of things, this is NOT one of them.
    Shame on Queerty for even thinking such a thing. That remark just set everything back about 5 years.

  • Doug

    Thats just wrong

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Hate the sin. Love the sinner. *Yawn*

  • dvlaries

    Imus might die, or Imus might beat this and survive. But what will go remembered is the way queerty reported it, and the reaction it drew.

    You can co-own the website, fear censoring from no one, yet on any website or message board, throughout the internet, the only thing that’s ever really in your own hands to control is your reputation.

  • BobP

    This is just wrong. Leave it alone and take the post down. Do the right thing.

  • Phoenix (The Museum of Bad Art is the Foyer of the Men's room)

    David Hauslaib didn’t say he was glad Imus had cancer. He didn’t say Imus deserved to die of cancer. He just said it was sort of ironic that the guy who’s a homophobic vitriol spewing bigot, who’s always got something negative to say about Gay men/LGBT (and Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Women, etc etc etc), who’s always got a crude joke about butt fucking, has got ass cancer. And yeah, it is a little ironic this asshole has cancer of the asshole.

  • Doug

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Sometimes you wish something bad on someone and it comes right back and bites you buddy, watch what you wish for!

  • JAW

    WOW…42 posts and only 6 in support of the post…
    It looks like we Gay Anericans have a mind of our own. We will not march locked step because one of our leaders makes a pronouncement that id vile and hurtful to all of us.
    there is enough hate within our own community… from gay men hating lesbians, to young guys hating older ones, to fit guys hating fat buys… the list goes on

    We need to stop hating and show that we ARE Truly a community that accepts each other… and as much as it may hurt, we sometimes need to turn the other cheek, and let our enemys know that we don’t hate them like they hate us

  • Dan

    Pretty disgusting post. Think I’ll take a break from queerty for a while.


    @Phoenix (The Museum of Bad Art is the Foyer of the Men’s room): As someone pointed out earlier, a prostate is not an asshole… nor, going on another earlier comment, does being happy someone is able to make an announcement the same as liking its contents.

    I know very little about Don Imus and none of it good, but I still wish him a recovery if possible, and if not, then I hope it’s either the kind of prostate cancer that’s so slow it never does much, or else a very aggressive one that kills *quickly*.

  • concretepinata

    Unbelievable. Nothing about a cancer dx is “ironic”. Congrats on the most sallow, common posting to hit the net. It’s more than obvious that you can barely contain your glee over the potential for Imus to suffer and die.Perfectly vile. I’m done with this site and it’s undertalented, Perez Hiltonesque, moronitude.

  • Mister C

    All I can is WOW!!!!

  • rayrayj

    I’ve been thinking about and I don’t listen to Don Imus purely because he is a hate-spewing vitriol spewing ass. Why should I continue to support Queerty? As Tony said, Ive got Towleroad and 365gay. Consider me a former reader.

  • Jheryn

    @Phoenix (The Museum of Bad Art is the Foyer of the Men’s room): I believe that saying things like “What type of cancer, you ask? The type that’s totally fitting for assholes like Imus” and “…but sometimes the universe can be a wondrous, merciful place.” is indeed expressing the sentiment that he deserved it.

    I will never understand, nor do I want to understand, the very few people who posted agreement with this article’s ill will. Understanding people such as this would be distasteful to me.

    I also do not understand why a sight such as this would post something so horrible. I just checked in today to see what others’ comments were. I was delighted to see that the vast majority was against it.

    I’m also glad to read that many are no longer reading or supporting Queerty any longer because of such comments. I am in that group as well. Until things change here, I’m done with it as well.

  • Andrea

    You should be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourself.

  • JJJJ

    By Hauslaib’s beleiefs, I guess we can look at everybody who gets cancer or some other disease and conclude that they were really hateful people. (Man, Hauslaib. After your behavior in the Duke lacrosse case, I dread to think what disease you’re going to come down with). But serious, folks, isn’t Hauslaib actually falling into the mentally retarded here? How is he any different than those preachers who blamed the 9-11 attacks on the U.S. being immoral?

  • Jamie

    @David Hauslaib: I would say that calling it “fitting” is very much like saying it’s deserved, David. Further, I doubt you can find one person who has had cancer that wouldn’t think this crossed the line; no one who has had cancer would ever wish it on another. You just insulted every cancer survivor there is.

    I knew this wasn’t Japhy’s post the minute I saw it.

  • Alan

    David Hauslaib should also have to go through it if he feels that anyone deserves to battle (and possibly die from) cancer. One should know the pain they wish to inflict on another.

  • charles d.

    I hope you take a tainted weeny deep up your hiney and catch AIDS. At least the I-man isn’t a pervert, and he was totally right about the Rutgers womens basketball team. It looked like someone put uniforms on a bunch of gorillas.

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