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Don Jr.’s latest video rant has everyone wondering…is he OK?!

When video of an unhinged public figure starts circulating online, it’s usually the result of an orchestrated leak by a rival or because a witness happened to pull out their phone and hit record.

Donald Trump Jr. is the exception to the rule, and his latest self-recorded rant about Monday’s leak of the United States Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion ending abortion rights is perhaps his most crazed performance yet.

Unconcerned with the reality that millions of Americans may soon lose their rights, Trump instead frothed at the mouth over the leak itself, demanding a “criminal investigation” despite no evidence of a crime having occurred.

The crazy train really picked up momentum when Trump argued that the FBI should lead a probe because it once investigated a suspected noose hanging from NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage door, which ended up being a non-story. And either way, that logic is a bit hard to follow.

“If they don’t send people to investigate this, then again, we live in a clown show state,” Trump asserted before claiming, without any evidence, that the leak was carried out by a “pissed off leftist.” Then he said something about how the leak amounts to “general coordinating with communist China, giving Chinese generals examples of what our response would be.”

Trump’s tirade, coupled with his erratic behavior, led more than a few people to wonder…is he OK?!