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Don Jr. swears he wasn’t coked out of his mind at RNC, blames bad lighting for sweaty face

Donald Trump Jr. is denying reports the he was coked out of his mind during his speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night.

Don Jr. says his glossy eyes and sweaty face were the result of bad lighting. Interestingly, no one else seemed to have that problem when they were speaking under the same lights.

Also, bad lighting doesn’t explain his slurred speech, but whatev.

Speaking to Fox & Friends yesterday, the president’s eldest son was asked point blank about all the people who thought he snorted a line of coke before taking the stage.

“I guess there must have been something with the lighting, but they started doing this trending thing,” he said. “DONALD TRUMP JR.’S ON COCAINE!”

Junior then went on to recycle a joke he’d made on Twitter earlier in the week, saying that people accusing him of taking coke must have “confused” him with Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who has previously spoken openly about his struggles with drug addiction.

Now, how about some memes?

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