Workplace woes

Donald “Easy D” Trump absolutely hates being president, according to new White House leaks

Less than a month into the job and Donald Trump is reportedly over being president. At least according to several anonymous sources who spoke to Politico

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According to one of the sources, Mr. Trump’s “mood has careened between surprise and anger as he’s faced the predictable realities of governing.” Tension runs high and paranoia runs deep within the administration, with another source claiming people are “very careful who they talk to.” And Trump, who is said to be a micromanager, and his innermost circle are convinced the National Security Council are “out to get them.”

Last week, Donald reportedly told an aide that he was very unhappy about all the infighting among White House staffers “because it reflects on me,” and that he plans to hold a staff meeting to tell everyone “to cut this sh*t out.” Not to mention all the leaks! The leaks! They’ve gotta do something about all the leaks!

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On top of all that, sources say Easy D often asks very elementary questions about the most basic policies, and when people try to explain them to him, he appears to quickly grow confused by the details and will find a way to change the subject, the source believes, to “seem in control.” (The New York Times adds that he likes his memos kept to a single page, written in bullet points, maps, and graphs. “The president likes maps,” one official said.) For instance, Donald doesn’t seem to understand how a judge can overrule an executive order or why lawmakers might delay a cabinet confirmation, a claim that seems to be supported by his angry tweets:

In addition to watching television for hours and hours (and hours) a day, as reported by the New York Times last month, Trump also allegedly likes to take breaks throughout the workday to call up his old golfing buddies and talk about what they love most: Golf. There’s even a running joke among aides that he would rather be on the golf course at Mar-a-Lago (which we calls the “Winter White House”) than sitting in Washington, D.C., another claim that seems to be supported by his tweets:

“He doesn’t like this sh*t,” one source said.

Yeah, we kind of figured he wouldn’t.

Donald, the feeling is mutual.

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