Animatronic nightmare

Trump was added to Disney’s ‘Hall of Presidents’ and the Internet’s response is priceless

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Disney World has added Donald Trump to it’s animatronic Hall of Presidents. (As if that place wasn’t creepy enough.) The reworked attraction opened yesterday and, we have to say, the new robotic rendering of #45 is strikingly accurate:

In a statement, Disney World announced:

Officially opening on December 19 2017, the Hall of Presidents is an all new show, complete with a new film, narration, and the audio-animatronic Donald Trump. The 22 minute show follows the same format as before, with a historic film detailing the history of the United States presidency, followed by a reveal of all presidents on stage.

Now, the Twitter responses…

And let’s not forget the memes…

Totally normal.

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I think the trump robot in the #HallOfPresidents looks kind of like Jon Voigt…

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Perspective. #HallofPresidents #MagicKingdom #Trump #Obama #WBush #Clinton #Disney

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