Donald Trump claims to have the will of the people, but Facebook video tells a different story

“The media’s trying to attack our administration because they know we are following through on pledges that we made,” Donald Trump said at his press conference on Thursday. “And they’re not happy about it for whatever reason. And, but a lot of people are happy about it. In fact I’ll be in Melbourne, Florida 5 o’clock on Saturday, and I heard — just heard that the crowds are massive, that want to be there.”

This is the world in which the President lives — one in which he has the backing of the American people.

No matter that his Pew Research approval rating is currently at a historical low — just 39% — and so what if members of his own administration keep leaking to the press what an utter mess it is behind the scenes at the White House. The people love him, he can just feel it!

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But watching the conference live on Facebook, another story emerges.

Viewers can react during a live feed, and those reactions cascade over the image in real time.

Here’s a snippet of the president’s statements that The Hill broadcast — notice a pattern emerging in the reactions?

It’s not exactly a sunny reception. One heart to every 15 angry faces — sounds about right.

And how’s Sean Spicer doing by the same metric? We’re sure this comes as no surprise:

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  • Mo Bro

    In the months I’ve been visiting this site, I have literally watched it devolve from regular gay fluff into an anti-Trump tantrum with scarcely a mention of real news.
    Kind of like the rest of the media.

    • Kieran

      It’s almost as if they’re deliberately trying to disprove their own motto: “Free of an agenda, except that gay one.” It’s a terrific motto for sure. Now if only they’d put it into practice.

    • Lindoro Almaviva

      you can always go to fox news. I am sure they will feed you the steady diet of Trump “alternate facts” and fawning adoration you so desire

    • CaliKyle

      Why are you here then? Why are you taking the time to read allegedly “biased” articles and further spending time making comments? It makes no sense. Clearly, you and kieran, etc were just born to bitch. Go call your mommy and complain – maybe she’ll care – but probably not. Whiny trumpmericans are the absolute worst.

    • DMRX

      45 is working on putting together one of the most “hate the gays” executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government in recent memory. That’s why every stupid thing he does is news on this site.
      And no, I don’t care that he held up a rainbow flag or mentioned us in a speech. His actions are speaking much louder than his lies.

    • BigWill

      Dear Fake Biracial Bisexual…i mean, Mo: You strike me as a sloppy bottom; is that a fair assessment?

    • Jack Meoff

      Really Mo, I see it a different way. Queerty have stopped publishing as much gay fluff as they used to in order to make room for issues that are currently a relevant concern to the gay community. Their stories may not be hard hitting journalism but they are keeping issues top of mind and reminding people that they need to be vigilant in this time of uncertainty.

    • mhoffman953

      @JackMeoff “Their stories may not be hard hitting journalism but they are keeping issues top of mind and reminding people that they need to be vigilant in this time of uncertainty.”

      Let’s test that theory and look at the first 2 pages of stories on here.
      (1) 9 totally believable scandals that will blow your mind – A story just consisting of Twitter memes without any real story.
      (2) Donald Trump claims to have the will of the people, but Facebook video tells a different story – A story about how many emojis a live feed received on Facebook.
      (3) Time’s new cover is going to royally piss off Donald Trump – Article about how Time magazine doesn’t like Trump which isn’t new
      (4) Ryan Murphy unveils the theme of the next “American Horror Story,” and it’s a doozy – Joke article about Ryan Murphy joking about the election
      (5)These hilarious memes imagine the steady diet of crazy being gobbled at the White House – Compilation of food pictures
      (6) What Donald Trump Jr. gave his wife on Valentine’s Day is more hideous than VD – Irrelevant story criticizing Donald Trump Jr. comparing a bed of red roses he put on display for his wife as the same as a murder scene
      (7) Melania Trump is “miserable” as First Lady – Story not related to anything gay and based on hearsay from an anonymous source
      (8) Trump’s press secretary called Canada’s Prime Minister “Joe Trudeau,” and Twitter’s off to the races – story consisting of Twitter memes and no substance
      (9) Melania Trump’s bizarre #PowerOfTheFirstLady hashtag totally backfires on her – An article to just attack a woman over a hashtag unrelated to anything gay or newsworthy

      I could go on, but if what you say is true that this site is just trying keep “issues” at the top of our minds and to “remind us to be vigilant”, then you should ask yourself what issue do any of the above stories tackle and secondly what is the story reminding us to be vigilant about?

      I wonder what issue is prevalent in the story about how Steve Bannon (in the right lighting) looks like Louie Anderson in drag. I wonder what were supposed to be vigilant about in regards to what Donald Trump Jr. did for his wife on Valentine’s day or what foods when pieced together look like Donald Trump. Obviously I don’t expect these articles to be Wall Street Journal tier, but they should at least have some substance and be free of bias.

    • Jack Meoff

      LOL @mhoffman953 that bait was meant for Mo Bro but I’m glad somebody took it. Unless of course you and Mo Bro are the same person. It’s so hard to keep up with all the new fake accounts these days because people keep switching from one to the other.

    • mhoffman953

      @JackMeoff What bait? Bait is when someone is trolling and posts something that is outlandishly false. Are you saying that your claim about Queerty news stories as “keeping issues top of mind and reminding people that they need to be vigilant in this time of uncertainty” was a false statement? That would mean you agree with me when I cite how it’s a false statement.

      And why does everyone seem to think that the people on here who disagree with them are all the same person under different accounts? Gay people aren’t some monolithic group that thinks the same on every issue. There can be diversity of thought in our community, even though that may shock you since you can’t grasp the fact that there might actually be gay people who don’t see the same as you.

    • ejmac1967

      You can always go elsewhere, rather than stay here and bitch.

    • Mo Bro

      Your liberal “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” warms my heart.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @mhoffman: Your list of 9 examples is impressive. I’m someone who enjoys making fun of the Trumps, but you’ve got a point: Queerty has gone off the deep end lately. It’s too much and very little of it has any gay angle.

      I’m surprised, and annoyed, that Queerty didn’t even bother to mention the controversy about Bill Maher and Milo Y [whatshisname]. By any definition, that is actual GAY news. The Queerty of six months ago would definitely have done something on it! But apparently the new Trump-obsessed Queerty doesn’t have time.

  • jason_evans

    Many gay web sites seem to have become anti-Trump to a large extent. It’s as if gay media has been hijacked by the Democrats.

    Democrats don’t really like male homosexual desire. Most Democrats have a bisexual double standard. They think male bisexuality is gross but female bisexuality is hot.

    They are porn perverts.

    • DMRX

      Brian, Brian, Brian. Just shut up.

  • o.codone

    Trump is doing what he was elected to do. Plenty of gays love him. The issue is immigration, same issue as Brexit. Gays are not stupid, we don’t want medieval mullahs telling young hajji’s to attack us in the streets. So, let’s keep the rebeu scum out of America, not because they’re arab or muslim, but because they’re dangerous and violent. These days gay’s can finally get a little peace and quiet in America and we’re not going to let anybody take a piss on that. So, we have to have Trump. Vote Trump on the DL and never discuss politics with your friends. That’s how it works these days.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      But what will you do when Trump builds the wall and the Mexicans can’t bring the drugs to you?

    • mhoffman953


      Are you admitting that Mexicans are bringing drugs and that a wall will stop this?

    • Mo Bro

      Touché, M-Hoff. Well played.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @mhoffman: (a) Mexicans are bringing drugs. (b) Mexicans build a lot of tunnels. (c) The U.S. doesn’t always need to reinvent the wheel; legalization as in Portugal would put the cartels out of business.

      But as a liberal on MOST issues, I’ll go ahead and surprise you by saying I really don’t give a sh*t about the illegal immigrants. None of the liberals I know in real life give a sh*t much about them either. That seems to be an obsession of rich liberals who are desperate to hire nannies, maids & gardeners illegally without paying them much. (Rich conservatives do the same thing, of course – e.g. Puzder – but they probably don’t pat themselves on the back for doing it.) I have some sympathy for the DACA types who are essentially stuck in legal limbo and don’t really have a practical place to be deported TO. But Obama did a good thing by deporting 2 million + illegal immigrants.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      As for drugs – hey, let’s make drugs in the USA again! If Walter White can make meth in Albuquerque, who needs those Mexicans?

    • mhoffman953

      @HeywoodJablowme I’m just giving you a hard time. You sound somewhat down to Earth on the issue.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @mhoffman: Thanks. For what it’s worth – I thought the amusingly named “o.codone” must be trying to tell us something. Although I don’t know if oxycodone is manufactured in Mexico?

    • mhoffman953

      @HeywoodJablowme It probably is made in Mexico. Tons of drugs and illegal guns go through there all the time. The drug cartels are so entrenched in the Mexican government which explains why Mexico doesn’t do much to turn their country around

  • greybat

    You can always discuss Politics with your friends.
    Your Enemies? Not so much!

  • Juanjo

    I see the trump lover and his sock puppets are busy here today. He isn’t gay and he isn’t all that intelligent but he is enthusiastic. The only actual gay man I know of who is supporting Trump other than Milo, is not all that enthusiastic about him, he just hates immigrants and hopes Trump will screw over Mexicans.

    • jason_evans

      You need to get out more.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      “he just hates immigrants….” You probably mean, he just hates ILLEGAL immigrants?

      But that’s mostly been my experience of gay Trump supporters too, except I’ll add, they hated Hillary (and, rather oddly, are still going on and on about her). And if you ever dared to ask why they hated her so much, well… um, um, “she lied all time” … WTF? Trump lies more in one day than Hillary and Bill lied in their entire lives.

  • jason_evans

    Why the hell should Mexicans be allowed to simply walk across the border? I say “no way, Jose”. Stay in your own country unless you have permission to enter another country.

    Hurry up and build that wall, Donald.

    • FnameLname

      funny, nobody is concerned about Canadian’s just coming across the border? Why not build a wall up there…Oh yea, white people live up there. Funny how just like being gay..it doesn’t affect the people that it bothers the most in the slightest but they will scream about it all day long.

    • mhoffman953

      @FnameLname Maybe because so few Canadians come to the US illegally. Most Canadians view America as having high crime and avoid coming here. I don’t know of any border patrol agencies or statistics being put out analyzing how many illegal drugs come to the US from Canada because it so rarely happens and isn’t an epidemic as it is with our southern border. It has nothing to do with race.

      Mexico has a border wall on its southern border but not its norther one. Do you think that’s because of race too? White people live north of Mexico just as you cited in your example, so why did they pick the southern border to build a wall? Not everything is because of “racism”

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Trolls live here. Canadians are too smart to live with trolls. The Heritage Foundation Supreme Court pick is doing trump-man’s dirty business for him. Trolls don’t know this, however. They just come here and disimpact themselves daily.

  • DCguy

    Oh look, the same crew 8f self haters are on here playing the victim because “boo hoo hoo” Captain tiny hands is being picked on.

    Hey Log Cabin trolls, either deal with and explain why you support the most anti-lgbt administration we’ve had or find another song.

    The same little victimology whine that Breitbart told you to make on gay or liberal blogs about Trump being a victim is getting old.

    The Mormons did a much better job of this than you are doing back when Prop 8 was going on in California.

    • KaiserVonScheiss


      “Hey Log Cabin trolls, either deal with and explain why you support the most anti-lgbt administration we’ve had or find another song.”

      That’s all you can do is call people trolls when they dare to disagree with your holy narrative. Trump said he would protect LGBT Americans from the evils of radical Islam, he hasn’t rolled back LGBT protections, and he’s called same-sex marriage “settled law.”

      I think you should find another song, one base in reality.

    • FnameLname

      @KaiserVonScheiss who said
      “Trump said he would protect LGBT Americans from the evils of radical Islam, he hasn’t rolled back LGBT protections, and he’s called same-sex marriage “settled law.””
      Really? Why didn’t he say he was going to protect LGBT American’s from radical Christian extremists? There are no radical Islamist’s randomly attacking gay people here in America yet 16 years after 9/11 he has everyone convinced that we are not safe. He said he considers gay marriage settled law but all during his campaign he said he wants to send the issue back to the states where it belongs. His Vice President would ship us to a deserted island and the rest of his cabinet are not exactly allies to the community. They are going to get all they can out of him and then send him up the river, of course blaming him for everything that went wrong but in the meantime we will have to face the music. Trump is not our ally. He held up a rainbow flag and said he will protect us from radical Islam….exactly what scared tv viewers wanted to hear.

    • KaiserVonScheiss


      Wasn’t it a radical Muslim who shot up Orlando?

      I’m pretty sure it’s the Muslim countries that kill gays. The only Christian countries that do that are the ass-backwards ones in Africa.

  • TheOneinNJ

    I watch, read and discuss Trump and this terrible predicament we currently suffer. Hey Queerty, you’re losing me… I look forward to taking a superficial break at some point in the day. BUT I have Instagram, Reddit Tumblr and Whisper -so bring back the “Straight Guy Make the Best Bot…”. We’ll you get the point. Ah well, back to Tumblr : /

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Well, Queerty USED to be obsessed with which straight male celebrity “ally” was the cutest… and then for awhile it was all Tom Daley, Tom Daley, Tom Daley! … but now they backslide into, um, whatever the hell this is lately.

  • ErikO

    More fake news from queerty.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      If you hate it so much, you are welcome to go back to Breitbart and the like. Although you probably won’t pretend to be a “Jill Stein voter” there, and you definitely won’t admit to being a bisexual there, lol. Good luck though!

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Go fake yourself.

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