Donald Trump Confirms Dick Status: Great That NY Has Lots Of Gays, But ‘Not In Favor Of Gay Marriage’

Speaking to Fox News in an effort to see if anyone would care if he ran for president next year, Donald Trump ran down a list of “social issues” (and not, say, civil rights issues) with Greta Van Susteren. Among them: gay marriage. To which he says: “New York is a place with lots of gays, and I think it’s great. But I’m not in favor of gay marriage.” Well, we sort of got that feeling when you rushed to Carrie Prejean’s defense back in 2009, but back then we thought you were just making a business move. But now we know officially what you think of our people. And no wonder: No gay man would’ve ever let you leave the house with that hair. See? We’ve already begun our efforts to sabotage you.

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  • Qjersey

    Yet another reason to dislike this arrogant pr*ck. Although as a republican, he’s probably just saying it to appeal to the base.

  • Bob

    Guess he can afford to buy the presidency if he wants it.

  • J. R. Braden

    Mr Trump, “you are the weakest link… goodbye!” … Or whatever his stupid-ass catch-phrase is.

  • justiceontherocks

    Great skill as a self-promoter. As a businessman not so much. Too many bankruptcies to be taken seriously.

  • hf2hvit

    Another multi-married straight adulterer who has no business deciding anything about marriage for others.

    Why do right-wingers love adultery and adulterers so much? You don’t see them throwing confirmed, admitted, and often repeat adulterers out of office or out of their party.


  • Jon B

    I can’t imagine he’d run. His fragile ego couldn’t handle losing. He’d also be spending about a billion of his own dollars. Bloomberg could afford that, having over 8 billion, but Trump has about 2billion… not sure if he’d be willing to part with half his fortune. Plus, a lot of his worth is in buildings and things. He’d have to sell them off.

    I really do hope he runs though… I want to see him destroyed. Both at the polls and emotionally, so he finally retires from the public eye.

  • MikeE

    Yes, I see it.. gay marriage is BAD for the institution of wedlock…

    But cheating on your wife (wives) and being a serial groom is GOOD for the institution.

    Oh thank God for the “traditional” values that he supports.

  • hephaestion

    Trump is an idiot. Not the brightest bulb in the bunch.

  • ewe

    Trump is a buffoon. No one should care what a rich real estate broker who was BORN with 50 million dollars in his cradle thinks! He is not presidential material and his arrogant out of touch ignorance is proof of that. Erecting luxury condominiums in NY and Miami does qualify one to be a US president. The Republicans have no viable candidates and are fishing in a dirty puddle.

  • ewe

    FYI: Trump actually thinks he is a runway model too.

  • ewe

    He will not be hoired so he cannot be foired.
    Tell him to take his cawffee and bagels back to his office to tawk somemaw about new yawk. Do you all you like my nasel voice behind my beautiful hair? Swoosh.

  • the crustybastard

    Mr. Trump, you’ve PROVEN you lack the requisite morality, maturity, and stability to form and maintain a lifetime monogamous commitment. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t interfere with your ability to try, try again. For the fourth time.

    But you believe that no gay couple should have the freedom to try — not even once?

    You, sir, are a bigoted asshole, and I hope you die poor and alone.

  • jak

    It’s appropriate that the interviewer is Greta Van Susteren who once was a respected journalist – now just another amoral Fox “news” hack. Trump is a detestable windbag who has left his crass and ugly mark on much of New York.

  • CECE

    Pres Obama, Clinton’s, half of Dems, hec majority of CA also don’t support marriage equality. Why hate on just TRUMP? huh?

  • Ted C.

    This proves that Rosie O’Donnell was right to mock him.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Ah, yes…the tacky motherfucker known as Trump. Clearly gay people feel the same contempt toward him that he feels towards them – that explains how he walks around with a floppy merkin on his empty head. Useless Republican Tool.

  • the crustybastard

    @Patsy Stoned: “…with a floppy merkin on his empty head.”


  • up ur ass donal trump

    There is only one law, the law of LOVE. HATE towards anything will bring great demise.

  • up ur ass donal trump

    There is only the law of LOVE, HATE towards anything will bring demise.

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