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Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Fags To Have Shared Medical Benefits, Either

If there’s one thing Donald Trump can do, it is out-do Donald Trump. And he’s done it again with regard for his disdain for homosexuals, with the serial divorcée following up his opposition to same-sex marriage with a declaration in Iowa that gay couples don’t even deserve medical civil benefits: “no and no.”

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  • Kurt

    So what benefits are offered by Trump Enterprises?

  • Scott Bonzitski

    Just another person living in their own bubble and not understanding anything outside their own life. Makes me want to retch. He’s just pandering to what he “thinks” most Americans want to hear just like the Repubs. [can you say votes?] Sorry to say but, these people [Huckabee, Palin, Trump and company] are so wrong and NOT with the mainstream mindset. NEVER will there be a president willing to denigrate gay people. It is not the way to go. It is also not the way to attract voters. WE want to hear about jobs and the furthering of progress in America NOT about what others are doing “wrong” in their minds. Why can’t people state simply what they would like to see for America instead of cutting others down and COMPLAINING about so-called “faults?” Maybe, just maybe they have no answers and just want to reflect the attention AWAY from their own inadequacies…SB

  • Peter K

    He’s a bad cartoon character at best – just look at him.

  • justiceontherocks

    Good way to lose money – invest in a Trump business.

  • hf2hvit


    Why do right-wingers love adultery and adulterers so much? You don’t see them throwing confirmed, admitted, and often repeat adulterers out of office or out of their party.


  • McMike

    I just don’t get this… Why is it it’s the men who have been divorced countless times who seem to think gay people shouldn’t get married? WTF???

  • niles

    I welcome his entry into politics, so all of the disgusting and sleazy business and personal practices that he has perpetrated for many years will be exposed.

  • Francis

    It’s all a pathetic display to look like a true conservative. Complete slime.

  • Oprah

    I think the best punishment for Mr. Trump is to get him drunk, then have his nemesis, Rosie O’donnell molest him. That would send him to therapy for at least 3 years– that means–three years No Trump on TV,and the pursuit of peace and tranquillity for the rest of us. :)

  • justiceontherocks

    @Oprah: That would put just about anyone in therapy for a while. Sadly though, the Donald does not drink, at all, ever. Probably explains why he’s such an uptight dork.

  • DJ

    @Kurt: Right. Who is he again? Give me a break. His opinion doesn’t matter. He just another sour bigot.

  • adman

    How did a story about this tape worm of a man get on Queerty? There are people with actual influence in the Iowa debacle who are the real threat. Quit feeding the society trolls and focus, people.

  • Riker

    This story takes the quote out of context. What the interview actually says is:

    He was asked about same-sex marriages, and said he’s against them, and then initially said he didn’t have a “fully formed” opinion on whether gay couples should get the same benefits as married couples.

    So its still not good, but not quite as bad as Queerty makes it out to be.

  • Jeffree

    Donald Trump spoke at CPAC. With or without plans/hopes to run for office, his support could help an otherwise marginal candidate.

    His views on LGBs are offensive. So
    remind me why we’re *not* all boycotting Trump’s businesses, e.g. Ca$inos & hotels, etc.?

  • Jeffree

    @Riker: He’s known for speaking off the cuff w/o much thought (aren’t we all) so maybe we shouldn’t assume the worst until he repeats himself.

    He hates Rosie but supposedly loves Ellen, lol, so maybe it’s 50/50 for him.

  • Pip

    if donald trump runs i hope rosie odonnel runs

  • Justin

    I want him to run! That way in November 2012 we can hear Megyn Kelley on Fox News have to utter those seven magical words that will make her mascara run:

    “We’re now calling Texas for Barack Obama.”

  • gregger

    @Justin: I could kiss you!!!

  • gregger

    and people take seriously anything this serial adulterer, financial whore, and liar has to say because???????!!!!!!!

  • Hysteria

    We should push for legislation to illegalize comb-overs.

  • YetAgain

    I disagree with him, needless to say, but why are some gay men who’ve moved to NYC complaining about him? Go home. Trump was born here.

  • YetAgain

    Thanks, No. 14 (Riker). Queerty and Towleroad stories always have to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • FlameoftheWest

    Donald Trump is a idiot and has a fake hair piece.

  • Cam

    Of course he doesn’t. He is a corporate guys, if they had their way NOBODY would get medical benefits. People like him still wish it was 100 years ago and they could have 5 year olds working in their factory, and if they were killed you gave their parents $50.00 and told them, if they had another kid to send them down for a job.

  • Roman

    Trumps bigotry, values and actions speak for themselves. He’s irrelevant as a leader of Americans. His wealth guarantees him a seat in the room, but he’ll sit on the sidelines always wanting more. His role is a celebrity with a sordid personal and business history.

  • robert in NYC

    What can you expect from a republican? Its wired in their blood to hate and to discriminate. He doesn’t stand a chance of running, nobody takes him that seriously. He’ll go the way of Carl Paladino, into oblivion where he belongs. There are enough right wing nutjobs vying for the presidency as it is. Meanwhile, the Log Cabiners continue voting for and supporting them. What’s that all about I wonder, voting for people who don’t want you to have any rights let alone any dignity.

  • the crustybastard

    If people cannot share the benefits they earn with their loved ones, those loved ones are far more likely to end up using government benefits, or going bankrupt (and medical bills are the #1 reason for personal bankruptcy in the US.)

    What’s “conservative” about driving people onto the dole or into bankruptcy?

    Marriage and shared benefits are just a part of gay people wanting to take personal responsibility for their loved ones.

    What’s “conservative” about laws that bar people from taking personal responsibility?

  • ron

    He`s right. Two men or two women are never a marriage. If you want to play house, then pay for it yourself.

  • MattGMD

    The Donald runs for president. Hilarity ensues. Gotta love Rosie O’Donnell- she’s definitely one of the very few people to have publicly called Donald out on his boasting and he ranted and stomped his feet but she just laughed. Then he did what every loser does when they have lost the debate but won’t stop: he called her fat. Imagine him on the campaign circuit. He is so thin-skinned, it would be a tawdry reality show.

  • robert in NYC

    No. 28, you make some very good points. Actually, marriage is a very conservative thing. Republicans should be overhwelmingly in support of marriage equality but we all know its about homophobia and kow-towing to the religious cults and the rest of the right wing lunatics in the tea party running the show. I’m convinced its all going to come crashing down for them when they find out the republicans have NO solution to job creation or health care or education reform. Its going to be business as usual, a Bush 43 redux. Voting republican is voting for no change.

  • MattGMD

    @Pip: Right on! Rosie vs. The Donald.

  • Cam

    @ron: said.. ”
    He`s right. Two men or two women are never a marriage. If you want to play house, then pay for it yourself.”

    The typical comment by a bigot. No proof, nothing to back it up. Explain yourself…but you can’t can you bigot?

  • justiceontherocks

    @Cam: Ron seems to be ignorant of the law in Iowa, which is where Trump made these remarks. In Iowa two men or two women can be a marriage.

  • robert in NYC

    Guys, Ron is proof that devolution exists with that miniscule pea of a brain he has inside his thick skull. Classic rethuglican mindset. None of them have any intellectual curiosity about anything and none can provide any facts to backup what they claim. Ten countries have already proved him wrong and more are on the way. He’s a sore loser and he knows the tide is turning against him and his dimwitted ilk.

  • ewe

    Donald Trump is a freakin real estate broker. Who gives a shit what he thinks. Lets be real, the idiot uses women for arm candy. There is not much depth there.

  • ewe

    @ron: Shut your face up and close your damn mouth. Listen up and learn jackass.

  • ewe

    It is not the decision of any heterosexual man to dictate the civil rights of gay people. They will not dish out equality as they see fit. Meet all these types of bastards in the court room and let them rant and rave as much as they want away from us. It doesn’t mean anything.

  • ewe

    Lastly, never once did it not eventually come down to gODD when all is peeled away and left standing bare.

  • Harbo

    This guy doesn’t have a chance. Whose going to vote for someone who wears that bird-nest comb-over? It looks positively dirty.

  • Taman Shud

    Ron writes:

    “are never a marriage. If you want to play house,”

    Once again we see what homophobes really think of the institution of marriage: according to Ron, marriage is just playing house.

    Maybe Ron is afraid that same-sex couples will be so much better at marriage than hets are, it will shame hets into behaving like decent human beings for a change.

  • ewe

    @Harbo: Trump is a liar. He will not ever run and he knows it because the first thing to discussed which he never ever wants to admit is that the day he was born he was sitting on 50 million dollars of his daddys money. And what year was that. Sometime in the late 1940s? Right after WWII when most people had nothin!!! It is very difficult to pull off being the mans man to the working class when you were born with a silver spoon so far up your ass it is coming out your mouth. He is a joke. He is a one liner. He is not up to the task and we all know he is just a conservative fuck attempting to score browie points by throwing gay people under the bus. That is the strategy of a SMALL PETTY EVIL LITTLE TURD.

  • Mikey M

    Trump is a bigoted fool.

  • greenmanTN

    Donald Trump- “Marriage is between ONE man and ONE gold digger, considerably younger than his previous wife, who has to close her eyes and think of his bank account before she can stand to let the short-fingered vulgarian even touch her!”

    Ivana, Marla, and Melania- “AMEN!!!”

  • Shannon1981

    Please tell me this man isn’t really running for Prez. No, scratch that, I almost hope he does. He won’t win.

  • Sage Cat

    Will I vote Republican and will I vote for Trump?
    No & No.

    @the crustybastard:
    Republicans are not logical. These people are NOT even true conservatives, they’re neo-cons- people obsessed with out of date values, violence and religion. A reasonably intelligent conservative would appreciate the idea that gays are interested in marriage. I’d love to see the day when an Independent or a Libertarian wins out over the Republican party. Perhaps in 100 years their values will be obsolete. So far even these candidates tend to be too conservative; subtly anti-gay and anti-choice- but there is hope!

  • Rob

    What does he know about marriage? He’s much better at divorce and besides, he’s a serial monogamist. Get a hair cut . ..

  • robert in NYC

    Rob, No. 47…he’s more like a serial philanderer than a monogamist. I often wonder if bigots like him had gay children would be comfortable supporting discrimination against their own. But then, these neanderthals don’t believe banning us from marrying is discrimination at all. Maggie Gallagher doesn’t think it is and I’m sure Trump doesn’t.

  • robert in NYC

    Rob, No. 47…he’s more like a serial philanderer than a monogamist. I often wonder if bigots like him had gay children would be comfortable supporting discrimination against their own. But then, these neanderthals don’t believe banning us from marrying is discrimination at all. I once asked the same question, among others, of Maggie Gallagher in an email. She wouldn’t respond to that part of my questioning,so I figured she supports it.

  • David Rogers

    @YetAgain: So… if you were born in a particular city or state, your opinion, no matter how repulsive, should count more than people who move there after you did? Um, really sad piece of “logic” there, pal.

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