White House of Horrors

Donald Trump is going to have a coronary when he sees the “American Horror Story” opening credits

In the world of American politics, it’s been a year of foul firsts — and this is undoubtedly the first time the opening credits of a popular television show has ever juxtaposed images of writhing maggots, sinks teeming with viscera, and crusading creepy clowns alongside a rubber fetish mask molded in the President’s likeness.

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The opening credits to the new season of American Horror Story has been released in advance of its September 5th premiere date, and it’s a perfectly sick-making montage of whirling blades, poisonous gas, wildly out-of-control carousels, bloodthirsty bees, blood streaking everywhere, and, yes, two creepos mugging in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks.

Disturbing, sure. But still no match for the fresh outrages you’ll catch on Trump’s perpetually misspelled Twitter feed several times a day.