White House of Horrors

Donald Trump is going to have a coronary when he sees the “American Horror Story” opening credits

In the world of American politics, it’s been a year of foul firsts — and this is undoubtedly the first time the opening credits of a popular television show has ever juxtaposed images of writhing maggots, sinks teeming with viscera, and crusading creepy clowns alongside a rubber fetish mask molded in the President’s likeness.

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The opening credits to the new season of American Horror Story has been released in advance of its September 5th premiere date, and it’s a perfectly sick-making montage of whirling blades, poisonous gas, wildly out-of-control carousels, bloodthirsty bees, blood streaking everywhere, and, yes, two creepos mugging in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks.

Disturbing, sure. But still no match for the fresh outrages you’ll catch on Trump’s perpetually misspelled Twitter feed several times a day.


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  • Heywood Jablowme

    I gotta say, the Trump mask was barely noticeable. If you hadn’t mentioned it I might not have noticed it.

    Anyway, dumbass Trump damaged his eyesight today by staring at the sun, so now he CAN’T see this!

    • Ari Gold

      What? It’s was very noticeable. You must not have been watching it closely. The Hilary mask was noticeable too.

  • Kangol

    But his term so far is an “American Horror Story,” so how will the series possibly top it?

  • Xzamilloh

    As usual, a stellar credit opening for AHS as well as great promos, but this also gives a foreboding air of a season that will be unnecessarily complicated

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    “Donald Trump is going to have a coronary when he sees the ‘American Horror Story’ opening credits.”


    Presidential masks are quite common, and it was a barely noticeable moment and also showed Hillary. Based on the headline’s logic, it could be just as easily considered anti-Clinton as anti-Trump.

    The headline is flatly false. Clickbait.

    • Sam

      WRONG! I doubt HRC could give a crap what AHS does, however, tRump is very thin-skinned and a reactionary fart-blossom. Regardless, I hope it does tweak this twittering ass. No one deserves it more.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      This type of TV show doesn’t seem like his thing.

      However: “Donald Trump is going to have a coronary…”

      Well, yeah – eventually. He’s fat and his diet is deplorable.

    • DCguy

      It’s funny that since the guy you defended has defended the KKK and Neo Nazis that your screename becomes even more apparent.

    • KaiserVonScheiss


      He condemned them. Only in your fantasy world is what you said true.

    • DCguy

      Awww, sweetie, of course a Troll like you would consider that Trump drawing an equivalence between Nazis and people who don’t like Nazis was “Condemning them”. You yourself, as a supporter of monuments to traitors to America who committed treason in order to keep millions enslaved will do anything to defend Trump’s commentary.

      Again, your name really stands out know that we see you defending Trump cozying up to Neo_Nazis

    • mhoffman953


      Out of curiosity, do you disavow the left extremists who want to remove and destroy statues of Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson?

    • KaiserVonScheiss


      There has also been a call to take down Nelson’s Column in London. These has never been about racism. It’s about destroying Western culture.



      Trump explicitly condemned them. And antifa are not people “who don’t like Nazis.” They are communists and anarcho-communists. They are a group that seeks “peace through violence.”


  • mj7417

    Makes me wonder about Ryan Murphy saying the season will not be so obvious when it comes to being a parallel to the election. Best guess after seeing the trailers was that it was going to be a cult where the followers (Trump supporters) follow their clown leader (Trump). After this though, I think it might be a little more blatant. Either way, he risks turning off viewers by making it political.

  • mhoffman953

    Doing a government inspired season could work if it dealt with the topics of the Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, human trafficking in government, false flags, and other conspiracy theories which have proven to be true.

    Instead, something tells me this will be a preachy, left-wing propaganda filled season

    • DCguy

      Awwww, how adorable, the Mo Bro screename / Russian Troll bot repeated a bunch of terms they were handed in their little troll book. Let me guess, next you’re going to say “Libtard” lol!

    • Brody

      “Preachy, left-wing propaganda” pretty much describes 96% of all movies, music, and television programming, so . . . status quo, and all that.

  • Brody

    Yeah, only in liberal fantasies does DJT watch AHS.
    Keep trying; you’re bound to hit a proper note on the keyboard one of these days.

    • DCguy

      Hey Brody,

      Once again, you and all the other screenames have been asked multiple times. Why don’t you list out specific details about why you support trump. Oh, and try to do it be actually listing things and policies he has or does, not by commenting on Nancy Pelosi’s appearance or whatever sleevless dress Michelle Obama wore that offended you.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      I have to agree with Brody just this once. It’s impossible to imagine Trump watching this show.

      Everyone knows Trump doesn’t watch any scripted, fictional shows… except Fox News.

  • barkomatic

    I don’t think he’ll have a coronary based upon the opening credits but who knows? Depending upon how the plotline develops he may have a problem with that–but it’s a TV show so there is nothing he can do about it. The title “AHS: Cult” sounds interesting–since political cults have certainly developed to the point where people shut down to logic and follow only what the cult leaders say.

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