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Don Jr. just admitted what we’ve known all along about him

Donald Trump Jr. in 2020
Donald Trump Jr. (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

In his latest podcast appearance, Donald Trump Jr. has admitted what many probably suspected. He felt like he was “faking it” as a corporate executive before he discovered politics.

Jr. appeared on the latest episode of Black Rifle Coffee Podcast. The right-leaning show found him talking about hunting, coffee, and the recent FBI search of his father’s mansion in Mar-a-Lago. One segment had him, in his flannel shirt and trucker’s cap, waxing lyrical about how politics had changed his life.

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“What was interesting for politics, being where I’m from, it was actually really cathartic. Because I can now go and do those things that I’m into,” he said.

“Before, I was sort of putting on a suit and showing up at a boardroom in New York City … you know, I may have spent a weekend at my cabin. I didn’t spend a weekend in New York in the prior decade. Meaning I’d go to my cabin, I’d be fly fishing, I’d be shooting, I’d be hunting. It felt like every day I was putting on a suit, I was faking it.

“Politics, as vicious, as brutal as it was, as much as they tried and continue to try to destroy me and my family… I was like ‘Oh’, it was actually like I found a freedom at 38, like, started almost anew, which, not something a lot of people have that opportunity to do.”

Donald Trump Jr.’s “politics” career

Don Jr’s political “career” and how it allows him to do “the things” he wants to do, is unclear. He has never sought political office nor been elected. He served as an adviser to his father both on the campaign trail and during his time at the White House. At the same time, he was still “faking it” as executive Vice President of the Trump Organization.

It sounds like Jr. would actually be a lot happier if he stepped away from politics and the limelight altogether and lived in his cabin in the woods, right?

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Jr’s latest claims earned ridicule online. Most wanted to know when exactly he got into so-called politics.

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