Family values

Donald Trump Jr. publicly attacks out Olympian Adam Rippon

When you’re named after one of your parents, there’s an expectation to carry on a legacy.

And if your name is Donald Trump Jr., that legacy is 97% about actively trying to be Twitter’s biggest douche.

In this, Trump Jr. is excelling.

The President’s son took to Twitter Tuesday night to lash out at the first openly gay American to win a medal at the Winter Olympics, Adam Rippon.

The Tweet came in response to a reprt in The Hill that quoted Rippon saying he didn’t want his entire Olympic experience in South Korea to revolve around his tension with Mike Pence.

But if he’s going to be a Twitter troll, he needs to spend more time on Twitter.

Then maybe he would have seen Mike Pence doing the exact thing he says Mike Pence didn’t do:

We can’t imagine why Adam would want to refocus his energy on the biggest skating performances of his life rather than try to unpack the lies and propaganda of Pence’s tweet.

The adoption of “fake news” is especially nauseating, as if there aren’t ample reliable sources documenting the Vice President’s unwaverinng antigay past:

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Twitter was not having Trump Jr.’s idiocy: