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Donald Trump Jr.’s latest attempt to ‘own the libs’ is kind of…sad

Automatic rifles blast bullets into targets as liberals are told to “beware” in Donald Trump Jr.’s latest video. And yet there’s nothing all that scary about it…

Trump Jr. appears in the campaign spot with antigay, Missouri GOP Senate candidate Eric Greitens — the same Eric Greitens who resigned as governor of Missouri in 2018 amid accusations of sexual misconduct and campaign finance violations. His ex-wife alleged he’d been physically abusive, accusing him of “unstable and coercive behavior” around her and their children.

So, sure! Grab some automatic weapons and start threatening people.

“Striking fear into the hearts of liberals everywhere, folks,” Trump Jr. says after emptying a clip.

“Liberals beware,” adds Greitens.

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A few people pointed out that Jr. and Greitens are standing awfully close to the targets they’re decimating:

While others called out the pitiful display of “manliness”:

Several commenters said they’d be reporting the video as a violent threat:

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