The Son Goes Down

Donald Trump Jr. slams Queerty for fighting HIV stigma

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Donald Trump, Jr. wandered into it over the weekend when he derided a Queerty story about not sexually discriminating against HIV+ people.

“Well I can think of one thing,” Trump tweeted on Saturday in response to an article titled “What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV.”

The onslaught against his stigma-reenforcing comment followed swift and hard.

“We’re days away from the 31st WORLD AIDS DAY,” wrote ACT UP NY, “and the President’s son is typing anti-science stigma inducing bull sh*t.”

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“How’s trolling Gay websites going?” asked Broadway performer Nick Adams.

Actor Javier Munoz pointed out that one of Trump’s father’s campaign promises included ending HIV transmission by 2030. “Your own father made this pledge yet you perpetuate Stigma which prevents progress?” he tweeted.

Olivia Alabaster noted: “When the world has come so far in combatting stigma around HIV – and it now impossible to pass on HIV when one is on treatment – this comment is stunningly retrograde and dangerous.”

The original story which triggered Trump Jr.’s comment concerned the effectiveness of PrEP in preventing the spread of HIV, as well as how HIV+ folks with an undetectable viral load cannot spread the disease.

While we’re flattered (if perplexed) that Trump Jr. reads Queerty, we’d like to take this opportunity to point out that he, evidently, knows little about HIV risk or transmission. No big surprise there.