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  • Alan

    He’s quite likable, after watching a few seasons of his Apprentice show. Better than the other crazies, but hopefully Obama stays in office.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Alan: Likeable??????????? Hahahahahahahahahaha.

    Trump is one of the biggest jerks in North America. A witless ego-maniac.

  • reason

    There is nothing likeable about Trump. “I am qualified to be president becuase I am rich.” Are you serious? That is the stupidest answer that I have every heard from someone trying to get into office let alone the top one. No surprise that he is polling well among the tea party.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Having been carousing around the “tea party” blogosphere, such as it exists, I can attest that there is no love for Trump. Though in some places there is an admiration. He’s not going to be the Republican nominee.

    As for his “rich” — most people don’t know that his daddy left him $25 million to him when he was a 21 year old. Sure, anyone can be successful when given 25 Million Bucks. Meanwhile, he’s an expert at bankruptcy, which is were most governments in the US are.

  • jeff4justice

    I’m a gay for Ron Paul – the only Republican I’d ever vote for. Though really, enough of the 2 party system. The relationship between voters and the two-party system is like that of an abuser and a victim who stays

    Election 2012 Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura? Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Jeffree

    Honestly, how ill-informed or desperate would someone need to be to think of Trump as a viable candidate? How can the “religious Right” would consider him as having the ability to deal with the economy, the federal deficit, and OH YEAH two (or is it three?) wars?

    He’s got no political experience or acumen….

    Let’s recap: Romney: the LDS thing is never going to work for the fundies. Trump is a heathen (if I’m missing something there, pls say so).

  • justiceontherocks

    @Jeffree: It’s further evidence of how weak the current Republican field is. Who do they have who is announced or known to be thinking about running who is more electable than Trump?

  • Spike

    If this is the best candidate that the Teapublican party can offer?!!? Funny. Yep, all it takes to be President is to be the host of a reality show that pits d-list celebrities against each other..

    There are some seriously ignorant registered votes in the US, but this clown will never be POTUS.

  • robert in NYC

    And I bet the majority of the teaparty republican scumbaggers aren’t aware of his philandering and adultery, as well as his three marriages. So much for the sanctity of marriage and family values they purport to uphold and respect. What a dumb bunch of people they are to support this idiot whose marital behavior is hardly respectful of marriage. I supposed they’d blame same-sex marriage for that. He’s going nowhere.

  • Zonk

    Oh well. I don’t think I want him as President, but at least Trump is actually one of “my own” from NYC. I wish he was the Mayor instead of that out-of-town Bloomberg. (No smoking in Parks? what a fascist).

  • Steve

    This man is a TV personality, not a freakin politician.

    I guess our country really is going down the drain when celebrities lead the polls instead of people who have led long political lies.. Oh well. At least now I can campaign for President “the Situation” Sorrentino.

  • Michael in Toronto

    President Trump and VP Bachmann. Crrrrrazy!

  • Gay Republican

    Go Trump! Our next President!

  • Soupy

    There is such a plethora of riches, I can’t quite decide who I would rather see run on the Republican ticket. Trump/Bachmann would be amazing, but so would a Palin/Bachmann. Throw a Huckabee or Pawlenty into the mix and I would just as enthused. Just not the Fred Karger fella, ’cause he’s gay.

  • Lefty

    What’s That Smell?
    It’s The Smell Of Trump!
    Vote For Donald “Smelly Old Fart” Trump…

  • Lefty

    @Gay Republican: A turkey voting for Christmas, there…

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