Let Him Eat Crap

Donald Trump, Who Turns 70 Today, Just Said He Cares More About Gays Than Hillary


Wondering why the skies just went dark? Today is Trump’s 70th birthday.

To ring in his entrance to the septuagenarian years in sepulchral style, the presumptive GOP nominee has given us all the gift of laughter — and inchoate rage — by claiming he’s a tremendous ally to the LGBT community.

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During a speech in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday, Trump took it upon himself to use the Orlando massacre to highlight his own twisted ideas on immigration, going so far as to suggest he’s a far better candidate than Hillary Clinton for women and gays:

This shooter, and amazingly, in Orlando, was the child of an immigrant father who supported one of the most repressive regimes on earth. Why would we admit people who support violent hatred? Hillary Clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she supports immigration policies that bring Islamic extremists to our country and who suppress women, gays, and anyone else who doesn’t share their views or values.”

“Ask yourself who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community. Donald Trump with actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words? I will tell you who the better friend is and someday I believe that will be proven out bigly.”

Tepid applause followed:


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Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin was quick to decry the speech, as well as the entirely ludicrous notion that Donald Trump is any sort of ally to the gay community at all:

He is no friend to the LGBT community. He is no friend. And at a moment like this when a leader should put their personal ambitions and their partisan differences aside, or just shut up, but if they choose to speak out, they should be speaking from a place of unity and a place of sympathy and talking about building bridges. And I would tell you, Wolf, I bet there is not a single family member or friend or brother or sister or girlfriend or boyfriend that is suffering from this great loss that found any comfort in what Donald Trump had to say today. Instead, he was up there bragging about the fact that he claims he predicted this.”