Donald Trump Won’t Back Gay Marriage ‘Cause It Gives Him The Heebie Jeebies

Things Donald Trump does feel good about: birth certificates, putting his name on stuff. Things Donald Trump does not feel good about: new hairstyles, gay marriage. “I just don’t feel good about it,” says Trump to Bill O’Reilly. “I don’t feel right about it. And I take a lot of heat because I come from New York.” No, Donald, that’s not why you take a lot of heat for you it, but that’s a cute theory. In the meantime, does anyone have any feelings on straight divorce?

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/trumpmarriage2.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2011/03/trumor20.jpg 650 400]

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  • justiceontherocks

    Why does anyone take this guy seriously? The only things he’s skilled at are upholding the fine traditions of heterosexual marriage by getting frequent divorces and running companies into bankruptcy.

  • Scott Bonzitski

    The Disasterous Haircut Began When The Stylist Called D.T. A “Pretty Girl”…OOPS! My bad! I thought these were one and the same article! SB

  • Fighting Back

    This coming from a man who has yet to honor the “sanctity” of his own marriages……and I mean “marriages” literally. What’s he on now, marriage number 3 or 4? For someone who has been given a lot by this country and who depends on a wide array of staff (I am sure gay people are on his payroll) he too will be biting his tongue over his lack of support. His comment about gay marriage – “I just don’t feel good about it”…Well Donald, as a gay American who votes, I just don’t feel good about handing you the keys to the White House, so how about you go play politics somewhere else – what a cop out!

  • Spike

    This clown is just out promoting that failed TV show of his, first the Obama birther nonsense and now this. He claims to be this successful business man, yet how many times has he declared bankruptcy. He’s franchise, the Trump name is nothing more then Taco Bell, Subway or Dairy Queen. As for that lame, the only way they could get anyone to watch it was to bring on d-list so called celebrities that just fight with each other.

  • Cam

    Well Eastern European “Models” that sell themselves in Marriage to men old enough to be their grandfathers give US the willies Donald.

  • samthor

    well, that “thing” atop your head gives me the heebie-jeebies; so i guess i can’t support you Donald…..

  • Kev C

    When they said you was high class,
    well, that was just a lie.
    They said you was high class,
    but that was just a lie.
    You ain’t never caught a rabbit
    and you ain’t no friend of mine

  • Montana

    The only party that is desperate are the Republicans, but its to “kill the middle class”, they will lose!

    Let me just say that Trump may just be “rattling the Birthers cages”, he can run or he may have grown accustomed to media attention this non-issue would create.

    The current Republicans only know how to a) Start Wars not Win them (talk about no exit strategy), b) Fire more middle class worker, c) Deny middle class worker healthcare, d) Break unions. e) Take chice away from women, f) Act like they are not responsible for the financial collapse and the deficit, yup thats about it.

    Our current President travelled under a USA passport long before he was elected President, but I guess the quacky BIRTHERS, must believe that the USCIS – United States Passport was in on the lie, please, grow up, you are wrong!

    The Birthers just HATE and can’t debate!
    Have any of the quacky BIRTHERS presented any credible proof that will standup in court? Answer: No
    Have any of the quacky BIRTHERS won any Court Cases? Answer: No
    They are just mainly backward, uneducated, white people who HATE our half black President.

    The majority of the voting public ask “where the proof”, show some proof BIRTHERS or the voting majority will continue to see you as dumb, stupid or racist, maybe all three. Can you blame them?

    Still, I really hope one of these retreads and blowhards runs for president, not because they have a chance of winning but because I like to see the train wreck that they will cause.

    Faux News Candidates:
    former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ”The I graduated Early”,
    former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga. “The I Love The Interns”,
    former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee “The Huckster Reverend”,
    former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa. “The I Love the Gays”,
    former UN Ambassador John Bolton “The I Love The War ”

    I Finance Myself:
    real estate celebrity developer, Donald Trump, “I took my Casino into Bankruptcy, just imagine where I can Take the US”
    former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “The Flip-Flopping Fudger”,
    former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush “The I Am Not My “Dumb Ass” Brother”,

    Employed Long Shots:
    Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. “The History, I Don’t Need No Stink’n History”,
    Mississippi Gov./ former tobacco lobbyist, Haley Barbour “The last White Hope”

  • trev

    That’s not a proper argument asshole!

  • Oprah

    Guys. Guys. please relax. Mr Trump has every right to express his opinions, After all we do live in the united states of America- right? Freedom of speech and all? Intellectually speaking, i think Mr. Trump evokes outlandish opinions to promote his Celebrity Apprentice show. Which i love, love, love by the way. But if i could beg Mr. Trump to remove his overly smug, annoying offsprings of his from the show. They utterly and uberly annoy me. Their pointy,meaty, high nose, inflicts me with unimaginable pain. Both son and daughter of his, walk with this tacky, elegant wanna be bravado-chin help up high as if they are generously sharing their grotesque narcissism with cheering fans collected in a romanesque stadiun arena. Please, please, pretty pretty please– Mr. Trump–fire offsprings, and ship them over to Martha Vinyard golf course. OK? Kiss. Kiss. *eyes rolls*

  • Tyler T.

    Nobody’s allowed to say “the gays” besides “the gays.” I’d like to see Bill O’Reilly try and say “the blacks.”

  • Tyler T.


  • TMikel

    Trump gives ME the willies!

  • chriswith4kids

    Someone needs to snathch that wig right off his over tanned head!

  • Mark in Noosa

    what a tool. but I mean that in the nicest possible way donald. twit

  • Jim Hlavac

    Funny thing too, it was his father Fred who was the deal maker, his father made the money, not the Donald. His father gave him $25,000,000 to go play with as a 20-something. And then he began to put up the most horrid glass & steel boxes that ever disgraced an American city. Just butt ugly phallic symbols. Donald is the youngest son, his brother and sister took their money and made private lives. Poor Donald, he went the publicity route. Now he’s publicly making a mockery of marriage; his own three? And he’s been bankrupt, and has many a legal issue floating around yet. Sure, Don, sure, you’ve got it. What it is I don’t know, but you got it.

  • ewe

    I specifically remember him on The Tonight Show showing no verbal disapproval a couple of years ago. The clip must be on youtube or somewhere. Donald Trump is a charlatan. He specifically said he would not run if he thought he could not win so he will be dropping out of the race before it even gets momentum. It’s all bullshit.

  • Sid

    I don’t “feel right” about his hair, but I’m not allowed to outlaw it. I’ll let him ban whatever he doesn’t “feel right” about as soon as he extends me the same courtesy.

  • ewe

    He is freakin real estate agent. Please. He is no more qualified to be President of the United States than i am.

  • Shannon1981

    I don’t feel right any time I look at his ugly mug. That doesn’t mean I can outlaw it. GTFO Trump.

  • Dar

    OMG, This guy is an idiot, how many times has he been married. This guy for president, thats’s a joke, I hope Americans are smarter than that, you dont want this guy for president, this is 2011 not 1911.We have every right to marriage as anyone else, straight people have to face it that they are not better than us and we DO have the right to marriage just like anyone else.

  • Missa

    As a straight woman with a lot of gay friends, I am extremely disappointed in his narrow-minded view of gay marriage. How can he been on his umpteenth marriage and say that gays are defiling the institution of marriage? LGBT members of this country should be afforded the same rights to marriage as the rest of the country. You would not be telling a race or nationality that they can’t marry so why is it okay to say that people cannot marry the person they love just because they are the same gender. It’s unconstitutional and utter bullshit. Grow the f*ck up and get over your homophobia. Live and let live.

  • McMike

    Notice how both of them avoided at all cost discussing marriage being a civil right even though Bill brought it up. Not once have I ever seen anyone who is against gay marriage come within 100 feet of discussing the US Constitution.

  • Laurie

    Well, the feeling’s mutual. The thought of someone with him gives me the heebie jeebies too.

  • Mike

    This changes nothing about my opinion on Trump. He’s always been a douche.

  • ewe

    Trump has no right to continuously claim bankruptcy and still hold on to so much of that money he says he has.

  • ewe

    This is all a diversion. Trump could not even be elected mayor of NY much less president of this country.

  • ewe

    Clinton opened the door to cheap chinese goods. Obama is doing nothing as unions and workers rights are being desecrated. The republicans want these types of democrats in power. There is no difference. What a smokescreen of bullshit. Trump is a clownish prop for more sinister goals.

  • Aisha

    The dead ferret on his head gives me the heebie jeebies.

  • Michael

    @Fighting Back: who cares. time to not be so sensitive and get over it. do you really want another candidate to be gay friendly and then not come through? Like obama and clintons did? Bush was horrible, but at least he didn’t like to gay nation.

  • zander

    hopefully he loses by more then a bad haircut lol

  • Jorge B Cordova

    The defense of marriage and or the sanctity of marriage have been the two coined phrases which have been the flagship of the conservative Republican Party and of the religious right. Yet we sit here listening to possibly a conservative contender for presidency and his only defense to the question Bill O’reilly poses to him about gay marriage is that he is against it and his only defense to his stance against gay marriage is that he doesn’t feel good about it. I sit here looking at possibly what could be our next president and I am absolutely blown away, here is a man who by no definition has no conceptual idea of what those two phrases actually mean (and is not definitely a poster child for the sanctity of marriage). A man who has had quite a few failed marriages yet he sits there only to spew the rhetoric of his party and contribute his opinion.
    So I sit here pondering the thought that my basic fundamental rights of equality in marriage can only be surmised by a simple phrase “I don’t feel good about it”.
    Dear Mr. Conservative presidential hopeful, the Republican Party and the religious right, my only response is that throughout these long extensive years of listening to your rhetoric I personally have not heard the legal ramifications this may impose on “HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT IT” other than misconceptions and falsehoods. I am an American who is endowed by the constitution these inalienable rights guaranteed and or even bestowed upon me but yet I sit here listening to someone defend their cause only to mention that the failure to grant me these rights of marriage equality is based on just that “FEELING”.
    The religious right defends their posture of the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman but throughout biblical history, historically their defense of marriage is outright heresy. Well folks just to summarize, this is not about how you feel but about simple fundamental rights which do not impact you and your beliefs and or your “FEELINGS”. So as it has been portrayed throughout this struggle of equality and by those that you deemed to be a proponent of the Sanctity of Marriage only to be represented by a man who has no ideological idea of this concept.
    Laws are not based on feelings and our judicial processes are not based on feelings but on the quintessential fundamental rights of the individual. So Republicans and Mr. Donald Trump, my partner and I may not fit your concept of what you define as marriage but there are those throughout history who have defended my rights as an American regardless of how you “FEEL”.

  • Dean Clark

    His hair gives me the heebie jeebies. Why do people who dont know about a subject actually talk about it on television?

  • conger

    Well if (huge word here) Trump were to get elected President of these United States of America – I will move myself and lover to Mexico!! I promise this! I also feel that he should just keep his bumb ass comments to himself. All he has really accomplished is multiple marriages and filing bankruptcy when he had to save his own money from creditors!

  • Patsy Stoned

    I would love it if all the gay employees in his cheap, gaudy “hotels” and his stupid TV show would show their disgust for him and put on a massive strike. Of course they won’t, as they are clearly quisling morons for willingly working for someone who holds them in such clear disdain. But it would be interesting for this empty-headed, merkin-wearing douche to realize his anti-gay and birther blatherings would (and should) affect his bottom line.

    Sadly I’ve yet to hear from a single spineless gay employee of this shitbag.

  • tjr101

    And why should we care would this guy has to say?!?

  • Jonathonz

    I’m glad he doesn’t get to decide whether or not gay marriage is legal. Who really cares what you think Mr. Trump?

  • hockeymama

    I’m thinking that he probably gets the GOOD kind of “Heebie Jeebies” watching two gorgeous blond women make out. But that’s different.

  • Blogshag

    Donald Trump gives me the willies, and not in a good way. He’s one butt ugly mo fo. Donald lose the comb over technique. It’s not working.

  • Mark

    What’s his position based on? Personal feeling (based on what)? religious? legal? moral? financial? I find it appalling and outright demented and hypocritical for someone who: married, committed adultery during marriage, divorced, dragging his first wife through the mud, then marrying the woman whom he committed adultery with, then divorcing her in yet another bitter divorce, and then marries again. Ah…the sanctity of marriage, divorce and adultery. And remember folks, he can repeat this cycle as often as he wishes. Today there are rumors of alleged affairs, just rumors of his infidelity to his current wife. Should marriage be between one man and one woman and only one time? How about we be the judge this time? Make your judgement based on the categories listed above. Should we enact laws to prevent anyone from marrying more than once? How would he respond to that? I’m glad he’s got no power right now to stop us from going forward with equality. None. I’m not watching the Apprentice or buying anything he sells.

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