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Donald Trump’s big plan to stall the DOJ comes back to slap him hard across the face

Donald Trump‘s strategy of using delaying tactics to slowly chip away at his problems appears to be backfiring spectacularly as he clashes with the Department of Justice’s investigation into that trove of highly-classified documents he stashed at Mar-a-Lago.

The former president demanded a special master be assigned to his case to review the thousands of documents, despite the DOJ arguing there is “no role for a special master to play in executive privilege.”

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Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon agreed to the request, and even approved team-Trump’s suggestion of Raymond Dearie for the role. Sounds like a major win, right?


The Daily Beast reports that Trump’s special master play “may have actually backfired and put him on a fast-track collision course with the federal government he once led.”

Even after Cannon threw Trump a bone and gave Dearie ample time to rule on the dispute over the documents, Dearie essentially said “no m’am” and has been working faster than anyone anticipated.

When Trump’s legal team refused to offer details into which documents the former president says he declassified (some with his mind, apparently), Dearie demanded they provide evidence on a short deadline. Then he hired an associate to speed things up even more.

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The semi-retired Brooklyn federal judge brought on retired magistrate judge James Orenstein to help him analyze the heap of documents faster. Orenstein will earn $500 an hour for the work — and Trump has been ordered to foot the bill.

“Trump’s request for a special master has already backfired, putting him in a position where he ended up declining, in writing, to state whether he declassified any documents,” commented former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti in Salon. “Now DOJ is using that to undermine his argument on appeal. Self-inflicted wound by Trump’s team.”

Democratic insider Jon Cooper tweeted: “Trump’s ‘Special Master’ delay Is already BACKFIRING big time. The unintended consequence is that it’s actually SPEEDING UP the review of the 11,000 documents that Trump illegally had in his possession at Mar-a-Lago.”

And one commenter summed it up with a reference to Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer’s iconic “Delicious Dish” SNL skits:

Schweddy balls, indeed.

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