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  • Joeb1212

    Yes, just what we need – a President with less than 3 years as a Senator and a V-P that’s been a governor for less than 2 years.

    Obama is not THAT stupid – he knows people want change, but they aren’t going to turn the country over to a couple of guys who barely have experience running a lemonade stand. And if he is that dumb, then he deserves to lose!

  • GoodBuddy

    Obama is campaigning in Virginia, so it is not like he has had to travel a long way to meet with Tim Kaines staff. Virginia has been a Republican state for a long time, but there have been several recent Democratic governors who have been very well respected. This is because the Democrats and Republicans have been cooperating and governing the state in a bipartisan fashion (after many years of political deadlock). Mark Warner, also a previous Democratic governor, is giving the keynote speech at the convention. He isn’t being considered for VP because he is running for Senator and expected to win, replacing Republican Senator John Warner.

    I think a lot of the discussions on Queerty have been about candidates that will bring more foreign policy gravitas to Obama (like Cheney did for Bush). If Kaine is the choice this will not be the case.

  • George

    I really think we’re in for a Kathleen Sebelius or even a Hillary Clinton surprise in the next few days.

    The Biden/Bayh/Kaine angle may be very well-placed red herrings.

  • Tom

    Honestly, I hate this suspense. Its stupid and manipulative. Just pick someone and get on with it. But please not the classless hillary clinton.

  • CitizenGeek

    I’m still hoping he picks either Hillary or Chuck Hagel. I know Hagel is anti-gay and anti-choice but he really would help Obama win and I somehow really like him.


    Hope is Kaine or Nunn but noo Hillary please unless she’s ontop of the ticket. Thanks for candid confession GEEK its refreshing to finally see one of the many homophobe enablers who come to this blog fully come out and be frank.

  • Landon Bryce

    I feel very little suspense. The people I’d like him to choose won’t help him get elected. The people who will help him win won’t help him govern well. As far as I can see. But I’m pretty confident Obama will make a smart choice that will prove to be smarter than it initially seemed as time goes on. That’s sort of what he does.

  • mark

    After McCain’s house gaffe, Obama said f*ck it and texted out Paris Hilton’s name, just for sh*ts and giggles.

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