Donna Frye, San Diego To Fight For Gay Nups

Donna Frye’s our new favorite gal. The San Diego Councilwoman used her vote to break a stalemate on whether the city should fight the gay marriage ban.

Frye previously voted against sending a “friend of the court brief” to the state’s Supreme Court. Frye said she wanted to give the public more time to consider the matter and then hear it again. Speaking after yesterday’s vote, Frye offered her unwavering support:

The question of whether the city of San Diego should file an amicus brief in this particular case currently before the California Supreme Court is not difficult for me to answer. For me, it simply comes down to a matter of civil rights, specifically equal protection.

The council’s move comes one day after California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed to veto the newly passed Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act.