Donnie Davies Hearts Andrew Sullivan
So, you may have heard that YouTube’s removed Donnie Davies’ controversial video about god hating fags and the such. Well, in response to their censorship, Davies has issued this video.

In the video, Davies admonishies YouTube for hindering his freedom of speech and, also, in a somewhat fitting honor, thanks Andrew Sullivan – a good Christian. He says:

I also gotta give a special thanks to Andrew Sullivan: the world famous blogger from Time Magzine, obviously a great Christian man helping us forward our message….Thank you so much, Andrew Sullivan, for getting behind me.

Andrew Sullivan got behind us once and we were about to thank him, too, but he put his fingers to our tenders lips and said, “Shhh, Andrew Sullivan needs no thanks.” It sort of gave us the creeps, so we left.

Anyway, Davies goes on to say, “If it weren’t for the homosexual community, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I definitely wouldn’t be talking to you about this message.” Well, that’s true, because a. gays helped spread your video and b. without gays, you’d have no mission, so then you’d have no reason to make the video.

In addition to addressing the scandal, he get’s a little emotional when talking about his weight – he can’t help it, kids. It’s a thyroid disorder, okay? So stop “lampooning” him about it – it’s an “ugly” way to live.

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  • Gwen

    I’m going to write my own song: God Hates When People Put Words in His Mouth, Especially with Shitty Music. Doesn’t have the same ring as the original, but I think it’ll do nicely…

    Also, that intro? Awesomely Gay. Until he started the creepy stare through the television…

  • Ian D. Stewart

    Any word whether there’s any buzz in the evangelical community around this Davies character?

  • Jim Treacher

    He can’t help his weight because “that’s just the way I’s born.” Get it? I was on the fence until this video, but that and the Sullivan thing have convinced me it’s a hoax. This guy is good.

  • David

    I too was on the fence until he thanked Andrew Sullivan for getting behind him. (HAH!) A real ex-gay evangelical would never choose those words.

  • jack e jett

    as someone who loves media whores, this guy is good.

    it is hard to bullshit a bullshitter and he got me.

    however, there is no way NO WAY this guy is straight.

    i hear through the grapevine that he is a glory hole queen.

    jack jett

  • joey

    this is a hoax, plain and simple.

    its conceptual art or some kind of sociology project

    has deitch galleries been involved, again?

  • joey

    lol…he said he was a “homosexual liver.” i wish somebody would do the research and find out who fucked him when he was a “liver.” you know bitch can take it like a champ.

  • cullen

    If it was a real church he was a part of then there would be ways to give donations. He knows if he ask for money he will committing fraud. I do believe he has a master plan. Why else would he spend so much time and effort into this project. Maybe he wants to be the next Borat.

  • werdna

    Re: Ian’s question @2: As far as I can tell the discussion of this video seems to primarily be in the homo-blog world, as well as YouTube, MySpace, radaronline, and one mention at Soulforce noticed it, but in this case I’m including them in the homo world more than the evangelical world. I’m actually dying to see some reactions from real ex-gays/fundies/x-tians, if anyone finds any, please post links!

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