Donnie Davies Revealed?

Joe from Joe. My. God. has a post in which he wonders whether Donnie Davies may be an elaborate character created by this man, a one Todd Quillen.

It seems one of Joe’s readers – a man who goes by the name “Chrome”, one can only imagine it’s because he could suck the chrome off a Buick – did a little MySpace comparison and found more than a few links between improv actor Quillen and Davies:

By cross-referencing the MySpace pages of Donnie Davies and his band Evening Service, Chrome began to find an interesting commonality among the friends of the “friends” of Davies and his band, namely an interest in film, television, acting, and most telling: improv. There appears to be a relationship to the improvisational acting group B.R.O.T.O.R.

Okay, even if Chrome’s right, one can’t help but wonder why Quillen/Davies would go through all the trouble of creating not one, but four websites dedicated to his homo-cleansing mission. It certainly would be a great hoax and undoubtedly garnered plenty of publicity, but what’s the point? To make a broad political statement? Just for laughs? To cement himself as one of the our nation’s greatest tricksters? We demand answers!

So, kids, gather some more evidence and present accordingly. To make matters easier, here’s Todd’s MySpace as well as his professional website. If he’s not Davies, he’s one lucky fuck – think of all the attention. Whether it’s positive or negative, well, that depends on who you ask.