Don’t Become A Basic Bitch — Check The Warning Signs Before It’s Too Late

A-List-Cast-Portrait-byMikeRuiz-NextDo you light scented candles, sip #caffeine and lounge in yoga pants? Are you truly #blessed? Do you have #fagswag #gayboy #gays #instagay #yaaaas?

You may be a basic bitch. We recommend a heavy dose of reality and at least a week of deactivated social media accounts. It’s for the best, really.

The folks at College Humor are tackling the serious issue of Basic Bitch Plague, outlining even more symptoms and warning signs in the video below. Remember that BBP isn’t only contracted by females — it’s a serious issue that’s been creeping into the gay population more rapidly in the last few years.

Make sure you’re not next…

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  • Fang

    I don’t like this video. It’s pretty mean spirited and is just another example of media telling women how they should and shouldn’t act. Don’t love the HIV diagnosis overtones either. I give it a D-.

  • DistingueTraces

    The target of the joke is not a woman’s appearance or personal choices, but the prefab vapidity of consumer culture.

    I think it’s pretty great, and I say this as someone who just bought a hundred-count of vanilla-scented candles at Ikea. They’re for the bathroom!

  • Fang

    @DistingueTraces: I guess so, but it seems like the standard is only applied towards women by having the term “bitch” in the diagnosis (which is significantly presented by a man) and second, the behaviors described are more typically feminine. I think it could be funny with a few revisions. Anyway, I’m not horrified by it, I just think it’s kind of dumb.

  • QuintoLover

    @Fang: Well, it IS a woman who’s being diagnosed. They could have done an infomercial style skit and had multiple people (men included) being diagnosed as basic bitches.

    Anyways, I find it hilarious and I’ve been starting to say Basic Bitch now for quite a while and don’t really know why… Glad I’ll have a reason to say it now haha.

  • rhino79

    Hahaha… this was hilarious. Teen Mom and Say Yes to the Dress… I’m pretty sure my bf is basic. But burning candles is not basic, unless they’re from Target, Yankee Candle, or Bath and Body Works.

  • bobbibubbi

    @Fang: Dressing as a slutty nurse for Halloween is NOT a typically feminine behavior. Take a better more balanced survey of the women around you that you know and you will find that is not the case.

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