Don’t Bother Reading The Advocate‘s Useless Martina Navratilova Cover Story

The Advocate‘s cover story on Martina Navratilova comes in at 2,992 words, features about a dozen original quotes, and taught me exactly this: Her lawsuit with ex-partner Toni Layton is “still not done. And I can’t talk about it. I would like to. Well, I don’t even know if — I can’t say anything. My lawyer says, ‘No, you cannot even say one word.’ Because I would get in trouble for it, no matter what I say.” There are zero quotes from Ms. Layton. So that was worth reading.

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  • Cam

    Unless the article was about the lawsuit it isn’t useless. The fact is, any good lawyer will tell you to not discuss your case while it is ongoing. They don’t want their client saying something stupid that could mess up the situation in court.

  • Skippy

    Wouldn’t it be easier to say “Don’t Bother Reading ‘The Advocate'”?

  • Ramon


    Yes, it would have, and I agree…The Advocate is worthless. A horrible waste of paper (recycled or not) and an even worse waste of electricity (the “online” version).

  • Wil

    This woman Toni Layton has been saying anything she wanted for at least 1 year and a half, the press printed everything without checking. Martina kept her mouth luckily otherwise it would have been a fest for the press.

    The Daily Mail around Wimbledon 2009 printed a couple of articles from ms Layton she said she was in a marriage of convenience for many years for reasons she does not want to say see she only says what she wants to say. She stayed in that marriage many years of her relationship with Martina so she could not even marry Martina legally. We do not know if this is true or she is making it up but she is certainly strange. Why did I find nothing of that in the US press and again the impression that Martina was a homewrecker

    Toni Layton had not one good word for Martina and another tabloid
    asked the question is Martina a monster? They came to the conclusion that she is not. You say there are no quotes from Layton in the article of the Advocate then you should read again.

    Why are you siding so much with a person you do not know and believe everything she says without doubting?

  • damon459

    Yeah cause this website has such high journalistic standards lol. I’ve heard pot calling the kettle black but it’s getting out of had with the bloggers on this site. Just look at the popularity of celebrity gossip on this site verses anything that could be considered “news”. I really don’t want perez hilton telling me what to read and I certainly don’t want Queerty telling what to read either.

  • Eric

    Queerty sounds jealous that they can’t get interviews with big names.

  • the crustybastard

    Oy. Has Martina ever had a breakup that DIDN’T end in a lawsuit?

    Sister needs serious help picking out girlfriends. Forealz.

  • David

    Queerty criticizing journalistic standards of a real magazine – that’s rich!

  • Bob

    David and Eric must be employees of the rapidly sinking Here Media and it’s shitty magazine, The Advocate.

  • Wil

    Only two of her breakups so far ended in lawsuits, she is even friends with some of her exes let’s say the good ones. She admits though she chooses her friends better then her exes. I do not make that up you can read that in an interview she gave.

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