Don’t Bring Up Ken Mehlman’s Anti-Gay Past When He’s Enjoying A Victory Cocktail

Even though Ken Mehlman helped lobby for New York marriage equality, not everyone has forgiven former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman for all his anti-gay work in the 2004 elections. But activist Jon Winkleman learned not to bring that old stuff up when Kenny’s enjoying a Stonewall saketini with his pals after the NY marriage victory. Mention Ken’s past and his goons will shut you out. So why did Winkleman bother?

Winkleman explains:

Last night I went to the Marriage Victory celebration outside and inside the Stonewall Bar on Christopher Street. Incredible party! I joined some friends from Stonewall Dems NYC at the much less crowded bar next door “Kettle of Fish.” Who should happen to be there celebrating the victory? None other than Bush 43’s campaign manager and former RNC chair Ken Mehlman who presided over the most viciously anti-LGBT national campaigns in the county’s history. Mehlman came out AFTER he left the RNC, made his money and got a well paying gig at a Republican run investment firm. Legitimately he did make many calls to Congressional and NY State Republicans to both overturn DADTY and pass NY Marriage. However unlike a David Brock, Mehlman continues to support right wing conservatives who hurt us. Mehlman does not talk directly about the vicious gay-baiting campaigns he was in charge of. He also claims to have come out and accepted himself after he left the RNC though it was common knowledge in the beltway he was gay in his personal life during his whole RNC tenure. The anti-LGBT fervor of these wedge issue campaigns stirred up innate bigotry and encouraged bigots to act out. This lead to a big spike anti-LGBT hate crimes. My friend Stephen in Louisiana had his home and property vandalized during LA’s statewide campaign for an anti-LGBT marriage amendment. Blood was literally shed because of Mehlman’s actions.

So even though I will acknowledge he did help in this year’s campaign to pass marriage, I really needed to say something. And caught a short bit on video.

As you can see he wants to pretend it didn’t happen. His friend shuffled me away and claimed Mehlman “Did more than anybody” on NY marriage. I brought up the spike in anti-LGBT physical violence Mehlman incited and the horrible people he put in office and they just apologized for him and painted him to be a hero that no one has a just reason to be angry of.

Short, not great quality, not overly dramatic but I am glad it happened.

I can’t lie. I’m glad Kenneth is trying to make amends by getting shitty Republicans to stop voting against us and maybe if he keeps up his good behavior I’ll forgive him by 2020, but in the meanwhile I’m still on the side of fuck him. But that’s just me… I hold grudges. Color me immature.

I also agree with Michael Rogers—I’ll forgive K-Mehl once he apologizes for all his wrongdoing and donates a huge chuck of the money he made doing it back into the queer organizations he helped harm.

He helped a lot of gay people get harassed. Until he gives up his blood money, I say harass him all you like in public.

Via Towleroad