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Don’t FCK With My Gay Friends, My Gay Daddies, Or My Gay Son: The T-Shirt

The following video — which has NSFW cussing — is a glorified advertisement for the $13 t-shirt from The website did not pay to place the ad on Queerty. I’m posting it because it’s FCKing awesome.

Sadly, the online store doesn’t launch until Oct. 11, so you’ll have to keep it in your pants until National Coming Out Day. (And, fair warning: While the clip says all funds will go toward fighting for marriage equality, neither the video nor the website provides any information on how. Which may or may not be important to you.)

UPDATE: Given all your love for their campaign, has opened early. And they say 5 bucks from each shirt will be donated to groups including
American Foundation for Equal Rights, Equality California, Courage Campaign, and Lambda Legal. Turns out the project is the brainchild of Luke Montgomery and Nate Guidas, the boyfriended do-gooders who made a similar video for their “Unf–k The Gulf” campaign.

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  • Mikey

    Queerty, if you go to their site, at the bottom, you’ll see a message from fckh8 asking if you could pull the video.

  • peteNsfo

    ya know… I don’t like it.

    I totally support Marriage Equality, but society is vulgar enough as it is… and I really don’t like kids swearing.

    Sorry… thumbs-down from me.

  • Theo

    I am going to get the T-shirt for everyone in my family for this coming Christmas. I think they’re going to love it.


    They were totally cool ’bout giving Queerts props and not bein douchy ’bout the premature video views………..

    And those shirts are fcuking pretty cool :p

  • Carsen Tyler

    I think I see some ripping off of the Stonewall UK school campaign.

    The shirt designs are cool, but I don’t think it would really help our cause in some groups of people. I mean some of these people think we are out to taint their children, I am pretty sure a campaign that throws around the f-bomb would only solidify their thoughts.

  • Chris

    That little kid was just adorable, what with the swearing and the love for his dads and all :)

  • Chris

    Oh, and do they ship to australia? Coz I can smell some awesome christmas presents!

  • Stratos

    Well I made it all the way to the :52 second mark. I guess I’m turning into an old prude. Such language. UGH

  • Qjersey

    LOVES it.

    But why does LGBT activism always boil down to

    “I came, I saw, I bought the T-shirt”?

  • Dallas David

    @Stratos: This is the commercial side of gay activism.

    Me, I don’t wear t-shirts with messages. If some babtist lady asks if I’m married, I just say, “No, they don’t allow gay people to marry here in Texas yet.”
    Don’t really need a T-shirt to do that for me.

  • Max

    great video!!!

  • shibby

    The video is less about directly attacking the Right than an attempt in galvanizing the LGBT communities and their allies into action. And it pretty much sums up my frustration about the whole situation for me. Vulgar? Sure. Cathartic? For me, absolutely.

    I would like more information on where the proceeds will be going, though.

  • shibby

    From their website:

    $5.00 from each T-shirt goes directly to support the great work of the following groups leading the fight against Prop 8 and working for marriage equality across the U.S.

    American Foundation for Equal Rights
    Equality California
    Courage Campaign
    Lambda Legal

  • FreddyMertz

    Looks like I’m going to have a huge credit card bill this month. lol

  • Luke Montgomery with FCKH8

    Thanks for all the great comments! We had planned to launch our FCKH8 video on National Coming Out Day (Monday the 11th) but the queers at Queerty scooped our video and posted it 5 days early (How did they get it!?) So we bit the pillow and took it like a man :)

    Stayed up all night tweeking on 11 Coke Zeros to finish the T-shirt store and launch the site… and sales have been crazy already this morning!

    Prop 8 was school bullies all grown up at the ballot box trying to hurt us and our families. Supporting the legal and political heros at the groups that we are donating proceeds to is our way of fighting back.

    International sales will be up in the store by tonight…

    Thanks for the support!

  • Rob

    Queerty, take the video down please. They’ve asked you nicely on Twitter to do so and it could negatively affect the campaign. You’ll get the final draft on Friday.

  • Charlie

    Ok the little kid dropping the F-Bomb made me pause but…. we have tried the assimilation advertising believe me we have. In California before the election it was all “Look at how safe and tame we are.”

    It’s time to try something different to galvanize the troops.

    Buying shirts for my friends. I know some people commented on an aversion to “commercialized” activism but – this fight aint free y’all.

  • ktbisl32

    So this is the same group that ran the unfckthegulf campaign (youtube it). I don’t understand if they actually care abt these issues or are just trying to make money.

  • Lakas

    but is it fair organic vegan though?

  • Luke Montgomery with FCKH8

    The guys from FCKH8 here…

    1. #17… no! Keep the video up! It was a surprise but we’ve had such a huge flood of support and are making a lot of friends too. Thanks Queerty for letting the pussy out of the bag :) It’s blowing up on Facebook and Twitter.

    2. Yeah, we’re the folks who did oil spill UnF– We care about helping issues and REALLY like the F-word. So neener neener #19

    3. #20, we have an Organic Cotton Unisex American Apparel version of the shirt… and we’re both vegan (even though I thought you were being sarcastic, right?)

    On the issue of the F-word being offensive… I think it’s a very mild response to the brutal attacks on our rights at the ballot box by idiot thugs. We are using an impolite word in response to people who are taking away or rights to visit our spouses in the hospital, to adopting our children and having healthcare benefits. We should get all PLO on their asses. So I hope that puts a YouTube video and T-shirt into perspective.

    Now let’s FCKH8 :)


  • Yal

    That was fucking awesome!! Warmed my heart and pumped me up.

    I echo the statement about this making an awesome Christmas gift; and while it may not make as much of a statement here in Canadia, I will definitely be wearing it in solidarity with my gay brethren in the States and around the world.

    Now, off to watch that awesomeness for the 3rd time.

  • Dancy

    This is awesome. I want a shirt. But does it have to be pink? I really just hate the color pink.

  • mark

    Just F*ckin’ RIGHT…thanks
    I need a few of those shirts

  • haha

    Well get the fuck over it.

  • Michael

    @Luke Montgomery with FCKH8: Let us know when you’ll have a checkout besides google. Cheers…..

  • Paypalman

    Yes! there should def be different ways of payments. I am NOT buying anything if it’s through google’s payment methods. Heeeeeellz to the no.


  • deaf

    im deaf, could you caption the video or provide a transcript?

  • Deafie

    I’m deaf too, a transcript would be great!

  • Noelle

    Here’s my best effort at a transcription – mostly correct from what I can tell. I hope this helps our deaf friends!

    Hi. Are you one of those fuckwads that has a fucking problem with my gay son getting married?

    And my two moms. You fucking wanna stop them from getting married?

    Then listen up haters, for some fuckin’ straight talk on gay marriage.

    Number 1: If you don’t want gay marriage, then don’t marry someone

    With the same fucking junk in their undies. Pretty fuckin’ simple.

    Number 2

    So if you were really all about “protecting marriage”, you’d be fucking making divorce illegal for straight people, not cockblocking Adam and Steve from getting a fucking bridal registry.

    Don’t fuck with my two gay dads.

    Number 3

    The Christian fucking Right? You’ve got it all fuckin’ wrong. Don’t fucking talk to me about “family values” when you want to fuck gays and their kids out of emergency hospital visitation, custody of their children and health insurance benefits.

    Number 4

    Fuckin’ hypocritical Republicans. So, it’s cool for Rush Limbaugh to be on his fourth fuckin’ wife, but if Cathy wants to marry Karen, then that’s an “attack” on the institution? …HELLO?

    How the fuck does ripping up state constitutions and the rights they protect make this the “Land of the Free”?

    So…if you hate gay marriage, it’s really because you hate gay love.

    Then, you’re gonna fuckin’ hate this. [Two gay couples kissing.]

    GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Some dude’s marry dudes. Some chicks marry chicks. GET. THE FUCK. OVER IT.

    I’m gay.
    I’m straight [laughing]…well, not really.
    I’m straight.

    And we’re standing together to FUCK HATE.

    Across the country, in the courtroom and at the ballot box, the right to marry who you love is under attack.

    We’re fundraising for that fight. Marry this shirt! Do good, and look good doin’ it. Proceeds from each shirt goes directly to fund the fight for equal marriage rights. Tell people what you think, take a stand in pink. Share this video with five friends.

    I’m getting my Facebook all up in this thing’s Twitter! Spread this shit! Totally!

    Don’t fuck with my gay friends. Don’t fuck with my husband. Don’t fuck with my wife. Don’t fuck with my queer daddies. Don’t fuck with our families. FUCK HATE. [whistles] FCKH8.COM!

    (And, scene.)

  • Deafie

    This is great! Thanks so much!

  • Avenger

    So the gays are getting little kids to cuss and speak vulgarly on their behalf. Wonder what other obscene things they expose school children too?

  • tallskin2

    @Avenger – you’re a christian c8nt and I would hit you but I can’t stand shit on my knuckles

  • FuckYou


  • Brett Studd

    How F**king gay.

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