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Don’t FCK With My Gay Friends, My Gay Daddies, Or My Gay Son: The T-Shirt

The following video — which has NSFW cussing — is a glorified advertisement for the $13 t-shirt from The website did not pay to place the ad on Queerty. I’m posting it because it’s FCKing awesome.

Sadly, the online store doesn’t launch until Oct. 11, so you’ll have to keep it in your pants until National Coming Out Day. (And, fair warning: While the clip says all funds will go toward fighting for marriage equality, neither the video nor the website provides any information on how. Which may or may not be important to you.)

UPDATE: Given all your love for their campaign, has opened early. And they say 5 bucks from each shirt will be donated to groups including
American Foundation for Equal Rights, Equality California, Courage Campaign, and Lambda Legal. Turns out the project is the brainchild of Luke Montgomery and Nate Guidas, the boyfriended do-gooders who made a similar video for their “Unf–k The Gulf” campaign.

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