Don’t Forget About McGreevey

Can’t get your fill of gay politicians? Well, haul it on over to AfterElton and read their interview with that other scandal-starting queen, Jim McGreevey. Here’s a sample:

AE: Allow me to quote from your book, when you write, “Much of the coverage following my resignation was respectful, but some of it claimed I had escaped a bad situation by drawing favorable attention to my gayness.” Now, this is still the reaction some critics have, even in the gay community. How do you respond to that?
JM: Just directly and truthfully. I resigned because I had placed my gay lover on the payroll, and in an inappropriate position. I was basically confronting a $50 million extortion suit.

AE: The negative buzz still makes a point of claiming that the reason you resigned was due to your sexuality, when your book explicitly states that it was an ethical concern – one that arose from within yourself, even as your staff and advisors were calculating how the polls would be affected by the news – about having inappropriately appointed Mr. Cipel.
JM: Yes. Recognizing the importance of being truthful; recognizing the importance of accepting responsibility for bad judgment. I don’t know if you read the transcript of my announcement speech?

AE: It’s included in your book.
JM: Yeah. Because, I mean, it’s quite clear that I say that [my resignation] was not because of being gay.

True, but you’ve certainly milked faggotry for all it’s worth.