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  • Former Democrat

    “Celebration” in the White House today? No kidding.

    It’s no wonder Democrats are going to lose their majority in November. They are incredibly out of touch. In two years NOTHING has been accomplished.

  • georgia

    Nothing has been accomplished? Nothing. You can disagree with his politics, but Nothing?

  • Baxter

    Good riddance. Sorry Chicago.

  • reason

    @Former Democrat: Nothing has been accomplished? What reality are you living in? I see why your a former democrat, you never should have been one in the first place.

  • reason

    Kinda feel like Rouse should have started, and Rahm should be showing up know that the GOP is coming to power. I would think they need a strong personality in there to battle with the GOP, but who knows maybe I am wrong. I wonder if Rouse will stick it out in that position. I know Gibbs is leaving the press post and will be closer to the president, Axlerod is leaving to start Obama 12, and after a little time fathering Plouffe is heading to the White House. Rahm’s leaving definitely seemed bittersweet for the both of them.

  • ewe

    There is something very suspicious about Rahm Emanuel leaving to become a mayor.

  • jason

    I can only implore gays in Chicago to not vote for this douchebag Emanuel. Emanuel is one reason why DADT hasn’t been repealed.

  • reason

    @ewe: Rahm is not leaving to become mayor, he is leaving to run for mayor. Rahm has been hinting that he would like to be mayor of Chicago one day for over a year. He always said it was something that he would look into once Daley stopped running. When Daley’s numbers went down and he decide not to run it provide Rahm with a perfect opportunity to run for the office. His primary goal of becoming the speaker of the house one day was destroyed when he gave up his seat to serve the country at the request of the president. Chief of Staff is a very tough job, and exiting mid-term would not be that surprising even if Rahm didn’t have something else on his agenda.

  • ewe

    @reason: omg. lmao. Talk about analyzing something to death. Alright already. I did not mean he would be appointed mayor by using the word “become”. Of course he has to at least simulate “running” for mayor in order to be elected. I don’t think people would read into my choice of words the way you did but you are correct. I did not mean to mince words. Or is it you who is doing that? lol

  • reason

    @ewe: I just believed you choose your word with care, which is corroborated by your second statement that he just need to “simulate running.” You are suggesting that elections are not fair, and the people in Chicago don’t have a choice in who will be elected. He is not even leading in the polls right now, but it seems like you are trying to discount his accomplishments in case he wins.

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