Don’t Fuck With Babs!

Barbara Walters sure knows how to hold a grudge. The View matriarch rebanned Kathy Griffin for sending her up in a recent comedy special.

Says Griffin: “I get a call from [producer] Bill Geddie, and he says, ‘You were too mean to Barbara [Walters] on your last special, so you can’t come on.’ Can you believe it?” No, we can’t. That’s possibly the most unbelievable thing we’ve heard since that whole WMD thing.

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  • emb

    One of the excellent things about Kathy Griffin’s humor is that it explodes egos. Some celebs have relatively healthy self-images and can deal with having the fundamental preposterousness of their Lofty Status pointed out and deflated. Others, like Ms Walters, apparently, are either so insecure or so deluded and seduced by their own celebrity that they can’t stomach KG’s observations. Fuck ’em if they can’t take it.

  • timmmyk

    Nothing left to do but rip Baba a newer, bigger one – can’t be hard for KG.

  • MrEdCT

    She wasn’t even tough on Barbara. Is it becuase she tried to imitate Babs’ diction?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Barbara Walters should never have worked on television, is as bad as Larry King at interviewing, can’t hold an intelligent thought and wastes television space with her tired show. She set women back 30 years and fast-forwarded Kathy Griffin’s “Fag-hag” career. I always find that people who like her are mildly retarded or regret it later like Rosie. What a backstabber this bitch Ba-Wa-Wa-Wa is! Look out Whoopi, she’s a Republican on a mission!

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