Don’t Go: Cameroon


Pack your bags, we’re going to Cameroon! Not.

One of the country’s tabloid paper has printed a list of 50 athletes, politicians, and singers it believes to be pink card carrying homos. It’s being called a gay witchhunt.

The tabloid La Meteo launched the campaign to “out” gays in Cameroon at the end of January with the publication of a three-page dossier of names, following a vehement denunciation by the Roman Catholic archbishop, Victor Tonye Bakot, at Christmas.

Archbishop Bakot criticised the European Union for giving legitimacy to homosexuality. He lashed out at those calling for same sex marriages and derided gay people who wanted to adopt children.

Cameroonians had “resorted” to homosexuality in order to advance their careers and earn more money. The archbishop’s arguments were largely repeated by the newspapers.

Right. Because homosexuality gets you so far in a country where, if caught performing a gay act, people are fined and given a 5-year jail term.

But we have more in common with the people of Cameroon than you’d think. You just know we’ll be first in line to snag a copy of The National Enquirer’s semi-annual “Who’s Gay Who’s Not” issue.

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