Don’t Let Mickey Rourke Play the Movie Version of Gareth Thomas

Aside from the fact that I don’t believe any studio will be making a biopic about Gareth Thomas anytime soon, I will not stand for Mickey Rourke to play the rugby player.

Perhaps like you, I’m loving Rourke’s The Wrestler resurgence. And while we know Rourke, despite the creakiness about his gait, can handle the level of athleticism playing an athlete would require, there’s a fundamental difference between Gareth and Mickey: One is hot, the other is not.

It would be an injustice to a man who’s remained so pretty to look at, despite getting his teeth knocked about during game play, to be represented by an actor who’s so badly disfigured himself. And really, can’t we get Jason Statham for cheaper?

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  • Aaron Rowland

    Rourke is a phenomenal actor. He may not be eye candy, but he’d be great in an adapted version of the role.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @ No. 1 Aaron

    Ummm, okay, Rourke is a quality CHARACTER actor, but playing a role of a man half his age (assuming the story picks up when Thomas is mid twenties, getting married), is not going to cut it.

    And to Queerty, really, you ask “And really, can’t we get Jason Statham for cheaper”? Statham, could play this role to a T; BUT he make blockbuster movies earning blockbuster $$$. Some actor take on independent film roles for the art; it would be great if Statham would do so. Though I’d expect he has quite the project’s list in play.

    I wonder whether the producers have thought about Thomas for the role? Audie Murphy played the lead in the “Audie Murphy Story”. Whenever there is a post of Thomas in an interview, he comes across as confident and genuine; they should give him a go, maybe it works.

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    I agree with Queerty: Jason Statham would be perfect, physically. But does he have the acting range to carry it off. I do know that I have NO desire whatsoever to see Mickey Rourke in this role.

  • fagburn

    This “story” is from The Sun.
    There is no evidence there are any real plans to make such a movie…

  • concernedcitizen

    I agree that Jason Statham would be absolutely perfect in this role, but I doubt his homophobic agent would ever let that happen as they have repeatedly striven to squash rumors about his sexuality!!!
    He has the perfect body type and even resembles Gareth tho!!!

  • Skyler

    Seriously? How can a nasty looking 57-year-old play a good looking 35-year-old? That’s like hiring Gary Busey to play Linsey Lohan, wait, they actually look pretty similar sometimes.

  • mk

    Mickey has a frozen totally unnatural face. He really only belongs in roles where he wears a mask or it’s part of the story that the character has had a lot of cosmetic procedures.

  • Welsh Valley Boyo

    OK. I got it. They’re planning a horror flick – a kind of Welsh version of “Nightmare on Rugbyville Street” in which our young, athletic, gay superhero (Thomas) has his body invaded by a straight, ageing, alien zombie (Rourke) with bad skin and bad hair, but, boyyo, does he have attitood! But poor Gareth’s life is then turned upside down. The drug-fuelled orgies!! The drink binges!!! The steroids!!!! Of course, Gareth’s fans start to desert him in droves because this is not how they remember the Boyyo from Rugbyville…Until, driven almost crazy with desperation at his fall from Rugby Grace, he begs the local vicar Lllanfairpwllchgwngerrech Methodist Church to exorcise the devil within. Whereupon the Beast is vanquished and the Beauty restored and all is sunshine, happiness and leek pie in the valleys of Rugbyville. Sheer ‘Ollywood brilliance. Box office bliss and not a dry seat in the house.

  • slobone

    Maybe the guy who played Freddie Krueger is still available?


  • L.

    @fagburn: I was going to mention that. It always amazes me when people think the ‘Sun’ is a source of news.

    @Skyler: In a day and age when mid-20s play high-school freshmen, anything is possible.

  • Sug Night

    Hey, read the article again. Roarke is to play Thomas’ great great grandfather who’s actually been dead for fifty years, so THAT makes perfect sense.

  • DredScott

    Are you kidding?! If I was Gareth I would be thrilled to be portrayed by one of the all time great actors – Mickey Rourke may not be pretty but he’s a legend who will capture the inner man. He can take a role to levels that none of the pretty boys can even dream of. If Rourke does the part it will probably be a movie that will be remember as part of the body of work an acting genius.

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