Oh lord

Don’t let the smile fool you — this is one seriously nasty pastor

No — you didn’t meet this guy at a bear party last weekend.

This is Pastor Logan Robertson of Auckland, New Zealand, and he is one dangerously unhinged bigot.

He recently gave a sermon stating he’d be happy to support gay people getting married.

Sweet, eh?

But only under one condition — that they be shot dead at the altar.

The New Zealand Herald caught wind of the clip this week, and it’s being condemned for reasons that are too obvious to spell out.

Watch below:

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  • Brody

    Kind of reminds me of Islam’s attitude toward us.

    • niles

      cue the vicious self-hating troll! btw drop dead!

    • Juanjo

      MoBro/Brody making with the logical fallacies again.

    • 1898

      i have half a dozen muslim friends and not one of them feels that way

    • DCguy

      Oh Look, the Anti-lgbt Trump Troll desperately coming on to deflect the topic off of how hateful the right wing Christians are.

      Look Mo Bro, um, I mean Brody. We get it, you are simply a Trump Troll that hates lgbts and will always defend any hateful bigots but see what you did here. You just gave yourself away.

      Your attitude towards people that want lgbts killed is just like Trump’s attitude towards the KKK. You want to shield them.

  • Captain Obvious

    Satan is out in full force. Seems like every self-righteous person on the planet is deciding what is right and wrong for everyone else. Who deserves to be treated like a piece of shi* on the say so of some random person?

    Too bad you can get demons to take up a hobby. Pre-internet we didn’t give them a platform.

  • John

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy trolled online every night woofing, looking for bears. The ones who say things like that are usually 100% homosexual.

    • ChrisK

      You’re 100% right. That kind of irrational hate comes from the part he hates about himself.

    • Brody

      Odd how the first insult gay men think of to throw at someone they don’t like is to accuse them of being gay.

    • dwes09

      “Odd how the first insult gay men think of to throw at someone they don’t like is to accuse them of being gay.”

      Are you really that dull (actually we all know you are, just being nice). They are not “accusing them of being gay”, They are recognizing that they are a self-despising gay man who needs to diminish the humanity of others to maintain some semblance of self respect. And that is not an insult, but an observation about that you find offensive because it can be applied to you as well. .


    Christians are such jerks

  • Paco

    This is just a reminder that if given unchecked political power, these Christian extremists and the other silent enabler Christians that refuse to speak louder than the extremists, would be behaving no differently than ISIS.

  • ChrisK

    Like that saying. Religion is societies accepted mental illness.

  • ChrisK

    One more thing. He could be the twin of POS Pastor Steven Anderson. I’ll bet they’re connected with each other.

  • ChrisK

    ….and..yep! This is just a copy cat. Hey it gets your name out there.

  • Jaxton

    He’s such a cute man. I’ll forgive him if he chooses me for a one night stand.

    • Kangol

      That would really be your response in order to sleep with this white Christian devil?

  • oddchild1

    Can we just be honest? If Christians thought for one second they could get away with it would literally be raining men in San Francisco. The only difference between Muslims and Christians is that Muslims get their hands dirty when they want to kill gay teens, Christians on the other hand bully and shame gay teens into committing suicide and gleefully applaud when gays die like with the Pulse night club shooting. I repeat if Christians for one second thought they could get away with it they would be hunting gay people for sport.

    • Xzamilloh

      Of course the other BIG difference is that Christianity has centuries on Islam and has already gone through its radical reformation, which is why even in the majority of countries with Christian-heavy demographics, LGBT people are not beaten or killed. And of course you see other Christians gladly calling out the atrocities of their own religion… how many Muslims have you seen condemning Muhammad’s actions, including marrying a child?

    • Mkiel

      You are so right, .This scumbag is preaching Hate & inciting murder why hasn’t he been charged.

    • oddchild1

      @Xzamilloh not once have a I seen these mythical Chrisitians “calling out the atrocities of their own religion” never. Christians just, like Muslims, follow a murderous bronze age fairy tale whose holy book calls upon its followers to murder people for their god. Your apologetics doesn’t change that.

  • Evji108

    These two religions of hate and suffering, Christian and Muslim, have nothing to do with Christ or Muhummad, they are the sick twisted product of their delusional, egotistical followers.

    • Xzamilloh

      They are the nucleus of each religion… to say they have nothing to do with each religion is disingenuous. Not to mention, without the religions, what evidence would you have of their existence? At least with Muhammad there are non-Koranic instances of his existence, but Jesus? Absolutely none. They have EVERYTHING to do with Christ and Muhammad and if either disagreed, well, they’ve had thousands of years to clear up the errors… of course both Christianity and Islam worship the same god: The JEWISH one.

    • dwes09

      Although Muslims and Jews worship the same gods, Christians do not. Christianity is conceptually far removed from Judaism and shares almost nothing of its philosophical base. It can be easily argued that Christianity is polytheistic in the same way that the Hindu religion is, and some of the Christian Sects (like Catholicism) are Idolators.

      The two things that Christianity and Islam share (and that Judaism does not), are the belief that they are the only “true” religion, and the belief that it is all about the “eternal afterlife”. Judaism does not believe that it is “true” to anybody other than us, and we are not at all concerned with the afterlife and do not believe in the Christian Heaven and Hell.

  • IanHunter

    He has probably been to every bear event in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has all of the Bear City movies under his mattress with his gay porn.

  • GayEGO

    Yuk! Another homophobic!

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