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Don’t Make Us Care About Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, and His Lesbian-y Mistress

There are fewer things the editors at this website care less about than Jesse James, and his divorce from Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, and how he supposedly cheated on her with the stripper Michelle McGee, and how she is a suspected neo-Nazi, and how so too might James be. But now, with a photo of McGee in a sexually suggestive position with another gal on her MySpace page, there’s all this rampant speculation that she gets it on with women, and we are a queer website, so we must care?

But if enough of you click on the “fail” button below, and vote this story into oblivion, we promise not to keep reporting on it (because that’s what TMZ is for), unless it turns out McGee is the leader of a band of organized lesbian criminals or something.