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Don’t Operate Heavy Equipment While Discriminating: Boy Scouts Lose More Funding

boyscoutslgIt’s never wise to operate heavy equipment while discriminating against gay people. The Boy Scouts of America have certainly found out as another company, equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, has decided to cease its financial donations to the organization.

Hot on the equality-minded heels of Intel Corporation and UPS, Caterpillar spokesperson Rachel Potts announced the company will withdraw support for BSA but insists the move isn’t directly in reponse to the group’s policy which prevents gay adults from serving as scout leaders, a practice she calls “discriminatory.”

“We have inclusive policies here at Caterpillar Inc., and the foundation abides by those,” Potts said. “We just don’t feel that our two organizations align.” She added, “However, if there’s a change in the Boy Scouts’ policies, we would certainly consider a change in the future grants — if there was a change that aligned with what our non-discrimination policies are.”

Almost makes us want to buy a tractor.

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