Don’t Pick On The Haters


We give the religious right a lot of shit. Of course, a lot of it’s deserved, ie: when they declare, “God Hates Fags.” C’mon. That’s just rude. But, we forget that these bigots have feelings, too. But, thanks to the news of an upcoming conservative gather in Boston, we’ve seen the error of our ways.

The Advocate Reports:

[Family Research Council President Tony] Perkins (pictured) and others are building a case file of anecdotes where they say religious people have spoken out against same-sex marriage only to be punished. Perkins specifically cited the decision by Maryland governor Robert Ehrlich in June to fire his appointee to the Washington, D.C., area transit board after the board member referred to gay people as “persons of sexual deviancy.” The board member, Robert J. Smith, said he was expressing his personal beliefs as a Roman Catholic.

“Robert J. Smith is an asshole.” What? We’re just expressing our believes as persons of sexual deviancy. Don’t hate.

But, seriously, we want to know: do you think that religious conservatives get too much shit? Let us what you think…