Sending pictures of your hardened junk via Twitter… really dumb. Lying about it… understandably dumb. Resigning because of it… unnecessarily dumb.

New York Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner has done what countless men have done by sending sexy pictures of his pumped chests and shaved balls over his cell phone. According to him, he didn’t actually fuck any of the women he sent photos to and so far no investigation has found that he used government resources to help fund his sexy time, so there’s no need to resign.

Bill Clinton got a blowjob and didn’t resign. Larry Craig plead guilty to soliciting a male police officer for sex in an airport bathroom and he didn’t resign. David Vitter spent his time hooking up with DC prostitutes and he didn’t resign. Weiner shouldn’t either.

Fabulous homo columnist Glenn Greenwald makes an excellent point about the sheer absurdity of the entire sanctimonious media circus surrounding Anthony’s wiener. Namely, why didn’t these same reporters give as much of a fuck about challenging powerful political figures who torture, illegally eavesdrop, and wage illegal wars. He also says that the details behind this so-called “scandal” aren’t really anyone’s business:

If Chris Matthews or Brian Williams or any politician ever patronized or even visited a porno site on the Internet or had a sexually charged IM chat with someone who isn’t their spouse, shouldn’t that now be splashed all over the Internet so we can all read it—not just the fact of its existence but all the gory details? After all, this is about character, judgment, veracity: these are Important Journalists and Politicians, and how can we trust them if they’re not even faithful to their spouse? Isn’t that the standard now — the one they’re gleefully propagating?

Yes, Anthony Weiner lied—about something that is absolutely nobody’s business but his and his wife’s. If you’re not his wife, you have absolutely no legitimate reason to want to know about — let alone pass judgment on—what he does in his private sexual life with other consenting adults…

Megan McArdle insists that “society has [an] interest in whether people keep their vows” in marriage and thus it’s a good thing “to use a few of our precious news hours to say, ‘Hey, not okay’!” Except McArdle has absolutely no idea what vows Weiner and his wife have made to each other, and she shouldn’t know, because it’s none of her business, despite her eagerness to learn about it and publicly condemn it. Even if she had any idea of what she was talking about—and she plainly doesn’t — nothing is less relevant than Megan McArdle’s views of the arrangement Anthony Weiner and his wife have for their marriage and whether each partner is adhering to that arrangement. That a journalist at The Atlantic wants to talk about this, and dig into the details, and issue judgments about it, says all one needs to know about our press corps.

Word on the web is that Wiener plans on resigning at 2PM EST today. Democrats like Obama and Pelosi have said that he should. The GOP—ignoring their own party’s repeated sexual hypocrisy—have said that he should. He doesn’t need sexual rehabilitation. He doesn’t need to apologize for his wife. He doesn’t need to resign.

But we hope if he does, he takes down the sexual hypocrits in the media and the GOP down with him.