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  • Kieran

    Could we maybe watch the show first before we’re told it’s no good for gays? It couldn’t possibly be any worse than Logo’s obsession with RuPaul drag queen shows and Buffy the Vampire re-runs could it? I reserve judgement.

  • Joe

    Damn Ronnie… if they won’t dig deep into your project, I volunteer to do so

  • Stephanie A. Jones JD LLM MPH Esq.

    Correcting one’s uninformed, attack-happy writer’s perception – is not defensive. It is simply correcting ignorance.

  • Brandon H

    Artistic? Ok, art is subjective, i’ll give you that one.

    But Social Science?! That’s just so asinine that my only response can be “Fuck you.”

  • Elise Grey

    want some guys pics

  • Bubblicious

    Ronnie, shut up and just do what you do best: show ur dick and ass.

  • JoeyB

    Is this douchebag Ronnie for real? He goes on a crappy reality tv show and now he disses other empty-headed, vapid, narcissistic, pumped up queens like him for being, on, surprise!, another shitty TV show? And then he says that Playgirl has artistic and social relevance??? Am I reading this correctly? OMG, why are the ignorant always so prone to spewing crap? Dude, stop trying desperately to extend your 1.5 seconds of fame. Go away.

  • cmh

    Ooooo, get her!

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