‘Doogie’ Does Degeneres

The ever-handsome Neil Patrick Harris popped over to Ellen yesterday for a little pre-Emmy chat. Harris has been nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his role on How I Met Your Mother.

The super gay duo got down on Harris’ relationship, avoiding the press and whether or not the red carpet should be political.

Read the After Elton provided transcript, after the jump…

Ellen: And who are you going with?

Neil Patrick Harris: My boyfriend, David.

Ellen: That’s great, this is the first time that you can actually … did you go together before and walk in separately? Or how did you do that?
NPH: [grimaces] Yeeeeeeeah, I don’t know. Yeah. We would arrive together and he went ahead and I did the photos. It wasn’t this [makes head movement as if dodging] sneaky thing that we were trying to play. He’s an actor in his own right. I like to be there for work and am not really as a political kind of guy. But now we can smile together.

Ellen: That’s great. I think that’s great.

NPH: How did you do that? Was that weird for you?

Ellen: I don’t look at it as a political thing. Because … and I also didn’t hide it as well. But I would go and my girlfriend would go in separately and I would be taking pictures alone. I look at it as, whoever you go with … you go with your spouse or your husband or your wife, or your boyfriend or your girlfriend. So for me, I’m just happy I get to walk down with Portia and take pictures and not look at it as anything to be ashamed of.

NPH: Absolutely.

Ellen: It’s still about work. I’m taking someone that —

NPH: Your date.

Ellen: … I’m with.

Huffington Post has video. We’ll try to get some, too.