Dorian Grey And You

Accenture persuasive mirror

Expensive moisturizer may be of no avail, because even if you’re well-preserved for the time being, you can’t predict what that nasty smoking habit might do down the road. What about all those nights out at the club drinking alcohol or partaking in other recreational activities? It all takes a toll on your body down the line, and now you can get a little glimpse into the future with the “Persuasive Mirror” from Accenture.

It’s not actually a mirror, but a series of small cameras that are placed around your house, video taping all your bad habits. Then it generates an image of what you will look like in the future based on your activities today. It’s like a real life Picture of Dorian Grey, except one that you might have the power to change. Not that that makes us feel any better.

Accenture’s Persuasive Mirror – shows you what you’ll look like in the future
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