DOSSIER: Andrew Sullivan v. White House … Sex Diary Regrets …

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• Andrew Sullivan is raging against White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, giving him an opportunity to name drop Hitler.

• We knew Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia were responsible for turning this nation gay.

• Sacramento’s John Marcotte, who’s angling to ban divorce in California, on “the opposition”: “The opposition will always be there. The secular progressives, gays and MSNBC hosts — but we beat them once with Prop 8 and we’ll beat them again. If people are thinking about getting a divorce, just remember “Hell is eternal, just like your marriage was supposed to be.” Jesus still loves you if you get divorced, just not as much as before.”

• The marketing and advertising firms profiting from rights rape in Washington and Maine.


• One-time HX listings editor John Russell’s only regret about writing publicly about his sex life for New York magazine? “I am just sorry that it was over Thanksgiving, which made it less fun than it could have been. There’s less material when you’re visiting the parents!”

• Well, Matt Damon, aren’t you looking beefy.

• Gays love True Blood because it’s in our blood. Get it?

• Sober memoirist Augusten Burroughs is teaming with Ashton Kutcher for a CBS drama and Showtime comedy based on Dry.

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  • Attmay

    The Golden Girls made me gay? I guess The Cosby Show made me black, too.

    Seriously, any tolerance I had for the gentiles has gone right out the window.


    Jesus still loves you if you get divorced, just not as much as before.”

    Totally making this my facebook status…


  • Oliver

    Andrew Sullivan is evil

  • Sug Night

    Mr. Sullivan, my grandmother called and wants her glasses back.

  • Swellster

    Is that Golden Girls article for real or a parody? I swear it has to be a parody (a la The Onion). That guy can’t be serious.

    I think this is my favorite line: “These gays really hate you for your Christianity and your gold card, your mature good looks or the fact you lead a handsome camping group into the hushed mountains of Tennessee.”

    Handsome camping group? That sounds more queer than the Golden Girls.

  • dellisonly

    Who the fuck is John Marcotte? Sounds like another Fred Phelps wannabe.

  • Xtian99

    Re: GG article on Christiwire-

    Nice laugh – love the GGs myself, and of course it made me gay. Of course the sleeping with men thing helped me be just that little bit gayer.

    Stepehen Billings states he has journalistic credentials and he very well may – but is also just another of life’s loser hacks who cannot cope with being a loser hack so clings to some (cue dramatic music)big God in the sky who (of all the amazing and talented people in the world) chooses the intellectually stunted, feeble-minded, and emotionally needy to be his “chosen” and saved” – and suddenly he is not life’s loser hack any more- he’s SPECIAL!!! years of loser-dome slip away, grandness finally realized- give that Christian a cookie 9which of course si the body and blood of the cookie monster!)

    As soon as I hear “christian” and “religious” I think “moron”, dimwit”,”incapable” and I want to just pat them on the head, help them across the street, hand them their handicap parking sticker and part ways by saying ” I saw you on the telethon– YOU DID REALLY WELL!!!”

    I have long felt that if the extremely religious are so convinced they are chosen for eternal life, then – alla the Romans- let’s send them there and get them out of the way.
    Of cours I am saying that in a silly, flip way and do not really mean it, but it will be seized upon by “the christians” to say I am just the kind of evil, God hating homosexual God hates. NO sense of humor, all “me, me , god, me.” But what can you expect of a group of people whose big rock star was a person that got mailed to a cross ! MARTYR-ME-MUCH???

    PS- Read Richard Dawkins.

  • Qjersey

    So tired of Sully’s privileged white middle class rage.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Andrew Sullivan got on the meds too late!

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