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DOSSIER: Mo’ Marriage, Mo’ Problems For Maine … Lesbians Defend Their Attacker?

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• Why is nobody talking about marriage in Maine?

NBC cancels Southland, the LAPD show with the cute gay cop.

• The two lesbian women who Eric Patten attacked over Memorial Day weekend asked the court not to sentence him to more than a 30-day sentence. Which is what he got.

• Former Air Force Academy instructor Edie Disler received a “letter of counseling” after inviting three gay grads to speak to her class about DADT — without first getting permission.

• Making the Rome Film Festival circuit, Broderskab tells the story of two neo-Nazis who fall in love. Endearing.

• “Whatever” is English’s most annoying word.

“Obama is the best friend that gays have had in the White House — ever. To say otherwise is short sighted, insulting and just plain dumb.”

• Will a federal appeals court force Louisiana, which bans gay adoption, to list two men on the birth certificate of a Louisiana-born child adopted by a couple in New York?

• Even Hollywood is surprised by new Disney naming gay fella Rich Ross as a studio head.

• They’re right, that is so gay: