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DOSSIER: Pope Benedict Wants You (Anti-Gay Anglicans) … 8-Year-Old MTF?

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• In case you’re an Anglican who’s tired of all those gay and lady priests, Pope Benedict would love to welcome you into his flock. Well, the atheists want you too.

• Stop what you’re doing and flip through every one of these awesome cross-dressing photos from yesteryear.

• A dead heat on Maine’s marriage … because both sides are claiming “Maine values”?

• A New York transexual man (born a woman) gets the OK to petition for custody of a child he had with his biologically female (now ex-) wife.

So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy talks about the abuse and rape she faced in her marriage.

• Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s second-ever tweet: “I look forward to meeting with Dept of Defense officials today to discuss the latest with DADT policy.”

• British television will feature the story of Josie, a transgender MTF eight-year-old.

• South Carolina Republicans Edwin O. Merwin and James S. Ulmer were trying to congratulate U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint on “watching our nation’s pennies” by refusing earmarks. But then they had to mention how DeMint was, courageously, acting like “the Jews who are wealthy.”


Zachary Quinto unbuttons for GQ Taiwan.

• The Secret Service is getting so many Obama death threats, it can’t keep up.

• Spike Jonze and Kanye West’s short film “We Were Once A Fairytale” finally debuts.

Backtracking? “The executive director of the Stockyards Championship Rodeo insists that comments he made recently to a TV station suggesting that participants in a queer kiss-in planned for this weekend “need a good whipping” were taken out of context and weren’t intended to promote violence against anyone.”