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DOSSIER: Ref 71 Donor Names Headed to Supreme Court?

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• Protect Marriage Washington is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep the names of its anti-gay donors hidden. “Justice Anthony Kennedy ordered that the state file a written response on Monday.”

• With the AIDS Vaccine Conference beginning today in Paris, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’s founder Seth Berkley argues that the Thai study — exposed as quite flawedstill has merit inside the AIDS research community: “But with news outlets reporting that the trial results may be a fluke, there is a risk that they will be forever tainted, whatever the final analyses show. What’s more, the stain of dubiousness may remain on all AIDS vaccine research and development. That would be a shame.”

• Irish hurler and national sports hero Donal óg Cusack comes out in his autobiography Come What May.

• The list of reasons why gay men are better than straight men is mostly about physical appearance. Duh.

Glee‘s Cory Monteith gets all sorts of naked. Just not on the show.

• Lesbian high school senior Ceara Sturgis will not get to see her tuxedo photo run in the yearbook: Wesson Attendance Center is standing by its decision to ban it.

Wanda Sykes hits the Equality Family Council event:

• British nightclub Pink has cut down on rowdy patrons with fake police van.

• Story after story about how not having ENDA in place affects Americans of all walks.