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DOSSIER: The Men Saving Iraq’s Gays … Jamaican Murder Arrest … 20 Years of Joburg Pride

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READ THIS NOW: If you’ve got some time, devour Matt McAllester’s in-depth piece on Iraq’s gays. You’ve heard the reports of torture and murder. Now meet a group of Americans trying to give them a face.

• Not only are the television ads from Maine’s No On 1 effort lacking in oomph, but Maine’s overall branding (and Washington’s, too) is horrifyingly lackluster and impersonal.

• Is it time to create queer studies programs across state university systems?

• Lindsay Lohan’s fashion efforts bomb.

“If there were absolutely no religious influences motivating the fight to ‘defend marriage’ in our numerous levels of government, both major parties would agree that gay marriage is something that fits well into their platforms.”

• Britain’s Conservative Party leader David Cameron is only making false promises about gay rights, says Peter Tatchell.

• Celebrating 20 years of Johannesburg (Joburg) gay pride parades.

• Jamaican officials are detaining a man in connection with the slaying of former honorary British consul John Terry.

• Team Obama totally thought showing up in Copenhagen would be enough to score the Olympics.

• Meet Arsham Parsi, the Iranian activist helping fellow citizens flee the country.

Conde Nast closing 69-year-old Gourmet, Cookie, and two bridal magazines.

Whitney Houston heads to Germany to continue love fest.

An appeal to the Muslim Council of Britain to offer the same tolerance to gays that religions receive.